Ranking the Marvel Studios movies from Iron Man to Avengers: Infinity War

Number 9: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 - Guardians of the Galaxy

With a tad less silly humor, Vol. 2 probably would have gotten even higher. As a testament to his work on the first film, James Gunn wasn’t tasked with incorporating various elements of Avengers: Infinity War into his sequel. This is about as standalone as you can get for a Marvel Studios film.

This sequel packs even more action, galactic dogfights and humor as the first film. But what makes it stand apart is the very unexpected emotional subplots. Vol. 2 takes viewers on a full emotional spectrum ride and the end result is one of Marvel Studios’ most enjoyable efforts yet. Gunn also earns bonus geek points for including another core DNA character, Mantis, into the film and teasing another in Adam Warlock.

And special bonus points for all the comic fanboy service from Ego being more than a smiling Kurt Russell, the random cameos and the fun five post-credit scenes.

If Gunn stays this vested in the third film, there’s little chance it won’t be in the Top 10 as well.

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