Ranking the Marvel Studios movies from Iron Man to Avengers: Infinity War

No. 7: Iron Man


It’s a testament to the first film in the MCU, that it’s taken this long for it to finally slip out of the Top 5. As far as Marvel films go, this was pretty much the perfect origin film. It took a comic based in the 60s and modernized it without losing any of the charm and being amazingly faithful to the source material. The film still holds up thanks to Robert Downey Jr’s perfect casting as the self-obsessed billionaire who learns to become a hero.

Director Jon Favreau knew exactly how to approach the character in a way that didn’t diminish what made him special. The armor looked like it came from the comics and Tony Stark was just as entertaining as Iron Man. Those were vitally important elements beyond big time action and the right balance of humor.

Iron Man set the bar high for the other Marvel films and all these years later, it still remains a standard bearer for the brand with just a few exceptions.

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