Ranking the Marvel Studios movies from Iron Man to Avengers: Infinity War

THOR - Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth

Number 17: Thor


As far as introducing mainstream audiences to Thor, Kenneth Bragnagh’s approach was smart. Stripping Thor of his powers made his eventual return to godhood all the more satisfying. Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston quickly establish themselves as key players in the Marvel Studios’ universe with star-making performances.

Add in some major acting cred with Oscar winners Anthony Hopkins and Natalie Portman and Thor is hardly a lower tier superhero film. And a meatier role for Clark Gregg’s Agent Coulson helped make this a fun third entry in the MCU.

But in building up Thor as a character, the film fails to fully take advantage of the wonder of Asgard and the potential to make a truly unique film from Iron Man and Hulk. Playing it safe grounds the film and makes it more of a typical origin film with great characters.

Marvel still wasn’t confident enough at that point to show Thor in all of his Asgardian glory. Were Thor released in 2016, it would be a completely different introduction to the god of Thunder.

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