McFarlane Toys announces Negan is the next Walgreens exclusive figure

Walgreens continues its bid for distributor sainthood by keeping The Walking Dead TV line from McFarlane Toys going. McFarlane announced the latest entry in the now Walgreens exclusive line and it’s a doozy. Negan is coming up to bat slated for a fall release.

Although Negan is getting a single release, his two-pack with Glenn that was revealed at Toy Fair is still coming out. That’s a smart strategy since Negan is popular enough to warrant multiple releases. For a lot of collectors, he’s probably the last essential character.  


The likeness to Jeffrey Dean Morgan is terrific. And naturally, Negan comes with his barbed-wire bat Lucille. Additionally, he gets a pistol and a knife. McFarlane stated Negan has 22 points of articulation and I’m curious if that falls in line with the rest of the series. That seems higher than normal.

Here’s McFarlane Toy’s synopsis:

Negan McFarlane ToysAfter ruthlessly executing Abraham and Glenn at the hands of his beloved “Lucille,” Negan used them as an example to remind Rick and the other survivors that he owns them and that he now gets half of what they have. This chain of events forces Rick and the group to return to Alexandria to inform the others that Negan is now in charge.

With the 5 inch TV line all but dead at retail there were a few characters I was hoping to add to my collection. Negan was definitely right near the top of that list along with Sasha, Rosita, Aaron, Dwight and Jesus.

McFarlane has already revealed Sasha is coming so we’re just a few first time in the line characters away from a comprehensive set. And if I could be exceptionally greedy, I’d love to see Carol and Maggie updates.

Photo Credit: McFarlane Toys

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