Supergirl Ace Reporter review S2 Ep.18

One of my ongoing beefs with this season has been Kara’s ridiculous notion she can be a reporter out of the blue. Worst, she was incredibly naive and entitled about her new job. Ace Reporter went a long way to finally making Kara’s career choice feel genuine.

I’m all about every time Snapper chews out Kara. Ian Gomez has made for a fun recurring guest star and gives Snapper a terrific old school gruffness. He laid into Kara several times as they tried to break a story on Lena Luthor’s ex-flame Jack Spheer (iZombie’s Rahul Kohli). This was a little weird as an iZombie/Supergirl crossover would’ve worked since neither are based on the Arrowverse Earth.

It was good to see Lena and Jack begin rekindling their romance. Supergirl never ever gets around to exploring relationships of the supporting characters so this should be a fun twist. In fairness, Lena is one of the show’s better supporting characters. That’s no coincidence as Lena’s subplots are more involved than who she’s dating.

Supergirl battling the nanobots swarm monster didn’t make for the most riveting action, but the twist worked. I’m glad the writers didn’t make Jack so stupid as to leave evidence that his healing nanobots were dangerous on a password-free computer. But his partner Beth (Claudia Doumit) never actually needed to out herself as the villain. That was a little too villain monologue-y.

In a very odd change of pace, Ace Reporter devoted a subplot to Guardian. This was a waste of valuable time that would have been better spent on Maggie being the worst girlfriend ever to Alex. For some poorly explained reason, Lyra wants to join Guardian Squad. James and Winn are almost at the point where they exist completely separate from Supergirl. This was after being inseparable Season 1. I blame Mon-El for wrecking the Super Friends.

Kara meets James at some office…? What is this Catco and what does James do here? Does he have a day job? And if so, how would that impact his nights out being a vigilante? Interesting questions. Maybe that would make for a good episode focus instead of endless relationship drama?

Supergirl Ace Reporter - Snapper Carr and KaraThis subplot got silly as Lyra got too aggressive stopping a teen robber while Guardian bizarrely was fine letting him go. I’m sure the liquor store owner doesn’t consider Guardian much of a hero. After a goofy even for Supergirl scene where Winn cuts Lyra from the team, Guardian brings her back in the name of brotherhood.

Maybe this would have been a more significant moment if James hadn’t been such an invisible supporting character for much of this season? Dropping 20 percent of Mon-El’s scenes in favor of the developing James/Winn bond would have done a lot for their subplot.

Kara finally woman-ed up and apologized to Snapper. Whatever her motives Kara was wrong so it was nice to see her step up and own it. This was the first time Kara acted like a legit reporter, which made it rewarding when Snapper gave Kara her job back. Now let’s see what the writers do with it going forward. At least for one episode they got it right.

With Jack dead, Lena is starting to shut down emotionally. While Kara could only provide so much comfort, Rhea makes her return to Earth dressed like she’s ready for a board meeting. She’s proposing an alliance and will she drop the bombshell to Lena that her good pal and steady rock Kara is actually Supergirl? I’m intrigued.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW