DC Comics reviews for the week of 5/10/17

Suicide Squad #17

Suicide Squad #17 cover

Rob Williams didn’t feel the need to drag Earthlings on Fire out very long.

Amanda Waller’s big plan comes to fruition as she unleashes General Zod in action as the newest member of the Squad against The People’s Annihilation Brigade. With a Superman level character on the team, Williams is going to be challenged to make the others useful. This issue didn’t give Rick Flag, Harley Quinn and company much to do but watch Zod go off in battle.

The subplot featuring The People’s mole was more interesting. Williams always handles these shady spy dealings so well and that makes for the issue’s best moments. Even if one secret is still deeply hidden. There were some welcome character developments for various team members even if it’s not given a big spotlight. And The People’s agenda looks to be an ongoing issue for the team.

Suicide Squad #17 interior art

Tony S. Daniel’s art seemed a bit looser with his characters not being as finely detailed as last issue. Maybe that’s a function of Sandu Florea and Le Beau Underwood sharing inking duties. Even with less detail, the art is still a big improvement over John Romita Jr’s work on the book.


Suicide Squad continues to be a consistent read. This wasn’t the sheer pleasure of last issue, but it was engaging enough. The last page suggests Waller doesn’t have nearly as much control over the Squad as she’d like, which is going to cause major problems sooner than later. As much fun as the spy games are, it’s even more entertaining when Waller can’t see all the angles and things go haywire.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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