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Wonder Woman #22

Wonder Woman #22 cover

Greg Rucka takes a more laid back approach for Godwatch’s fourth chapter, but despite some nice moments this played out like a filler issue.Godwatch has largely been a far slower paced story than the current day story line The Truth. And that’s definitely the case with this installment.

Seeking to get intel on Wonder Woman, Veronica Cale wins an auction for a date with Wonder Woman. In doing so, Cale outbids some notable DC billionaires for the sake of a fun punchline. Given Wonder Woman’s more open sexuality, there was potential her for Rucka to add some sexual tension.


Ultimately, he opts to play it more of a subtle adversaries sizing each other up through various avenues. Wonder Woman isn’t as naive as she initially lets on, but Cale still manages to keep her real objective a secret. This chess match is engaging, but it doesn’t add a new layer to the Wonder Woman/Cale dynamic.

Wonder Woman #22 interior artMirka Andolfo’s art matches the relaxed tone of this story even if her Wonder Woman looks a little slight and young. Andolfo is a great conversationalist artist and she keeps the pages looking fresh despite a slew of just people talking.

This isn’t an essential chapter to get fresh insight on Wonder Woman’s longstanding foe, but the breezy pacing makes for a quick and easy read even if it’s largely inconsequential.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

Image Credit: DC Comics

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