The Flash: Cause and Effect review S3, Ep. 21

Considering this point in the season with only two episodes left and the threat of Savitar, the timing of a comedic episode seemed off. Despite the silly premise I really enjoyed Cause and Effect.

That was mainly due to it playing out like an ‘old school’ Flash episode. Back when it, not Supergirl, was the goofy and charmingly silly darling of the CW Arrowverse. The Flash has taken too many cues from Arrow and progressively gotten darker over its three seasons, but this was a nice (and necessary) change of pace.


With the constant threat of Iris’ death looming and Caitlin full Killer Frost now, things look bleak for Team Flash. And that’s largely been to the show’s detriment. The drama has been so heavy and depressing it hasn’t been a lot of fun.

Cause and Effect got the intense drama out of the way as Savitar explained he was a time remnant Future Barry used to beat Savitar that was discarded by Team Flash when they splintered following Iris’ death. One of the best traits of The Flash is it rarely lets Barry’s cheats — be it time travel or duplicates — not have consequences. He shouldn’t shortcut his way to being a better hero and these tools are useful.

For reasons that still remain unclear, Team Flash got the bright idea that zapping Barry’s brain would allow them to strategize a way to beat Savitar without Savitar being clued in. That led to Barry deciding Bart made more sense as a name in a fun nod to Impulse and finding new ways to make Iris fall in love with him.

The Flash Cause and Effect - Barry and Iris

I was kinda with Iris in liking this mind-wiped Barry. He was a lot more fun and decidedly less moody. Not that I want a showtunes singing Barry running around, but there needs to be a happy medium without skewing so often to dark and brooding Barry.

Even with no memory of his past, Barry couldn’t avoid is natural inclination to want to help. That led to a disastrous, but funny court testimony scene. But Team Flash couldn’t get the job done without Caitlin’s help so Killer Frost had to return to STAR Labs. She had a vested interest since Savitar also lost her memory. This provided a nice moment with Cisco trying to snap Caitlin back in control. And just maybe it worked.

The Flash Cause and Effect - Tracy and HR

HR and Tracy’s scenes were cute, but I’m terrified of the thought of yet another romance on this show. That pairs up everyone save Cisco unless Gypsy comes zooming in town. At least Wally’s relationship is so long distance it doesn’t have to be addressed every episode.

Tracy whipped up the terribly named speed bazooka that could potentially stop Savitar. Only problem is it needs a ton of power. There could be a power source, but the only catch is it’s being guarded by Killer Shark? Looks like the fun is just getting started on this home stretch of the season.

Cause and Effect didn’t bother trying to make Savitar a better villain. Instead, this episode on all the things that make The Flash such a fun and endearing superhero show. And I’ll happily take that any day.

Rating: 9.5  out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW