Arrow: Honor Thy Fathers review S5, Ep. 21

Honor Thy Fathers needed to be a big time comeback episode. Underneath didn’t do the season any favors with an unnecessary Olicity-focus so this week needed to get the season back on track. With only three episodes left it’s important for Arrow to hit on all three. Otherwise this tremendous season was going to go out with a whimper.

Initially, it seemed this week was going to be another misfire. There was no way after all this build up Prometheus was going to be taken out so easily, right? Maybe. But all it took was a slight small in the final moments from a now captive Adrian Chase to hint that everything is still going to plan. And this season is still gunning for the series’ best title.

When he captured Oliver (back in the Kapiushon episode), Chase said he didn’t want to kill him. That would be too easy. Chase wants to get revenge for Arrow killing his father by destroying Oliver’s life. Honor Thy Fathers was a play on the series’ second episode, Honor Thy Father with Oliver taking out more names from the book.


It’s a testament to Prometheus’ positioning as a master strategist that it seemed like he’d finally been outmaneuvered. He’d tracked down a surveillance video that revealed Robert Queen inadvertently killed a man, but covered it up. Prometheus kicking off this new level of taunting by dropping off the victim’s body in a slab of concrete was hardly subtle. But effective.

This new Queen legacy-destroying footage arrived just in time for Thea to return to Star City. It was weird having her gone after finally getting an interesting non-vigilante or romantic subplot so it was good to have Thea back. Still, it’s nice for longtime supporting characters to leave at times to make us miss them. With Prometheus’ latest personal attack, Oliver desperately needed his sister by his side.

Oliver is finally learning his lesson about half-truths and lies. Despite a reluctance to watch it, he did and then owned up to his father’s actions. While Oliver did the heroic thing, Prometheus got another subtle victory.

Arrow Honor Thy Father - Cody Rhodes as Derek Sampson

Derek Sampson (ROH superstar Cody Runnels) returned as a goon working for Prometheus. Sampson has a pretty good villain gimmick as a man who can’t feel pain. He didn’t get a lot to do, but he wasn’t captured paving the way for a future episode. But Green Arrow — yes Green Arrow, not dull bank robber variant version — returned to battle Prometheus. And surprisingly talked him into ending his vendetta?

The flashbacks were also interesting as has largely been the norm this season. Anatoly and Oliver landed in Lien Yu to set up Oliver’s ‘rescue’ from the island. Anatoly and Oliver’s interactions have helped make these flashbacks stand out from previous seasons. There’s a genuine bond and they come across like old pals who’ve been through wars together. I was a little bummed knowing what’s going to happen with this brotherhood bond. But just when Oliver thought his plan was coming together, some island gatecrashers showed up. Konstantin Kovar tracked him down looking for his own payback. Uh-oh.

Team Arrow had some solid moments this week. Dinah got a larger spotlight and she helped temper some of Curtis’ more high-strung antics. While I generally find Curtis constantly on trying too hard mode with the humor, his it’s all terrific line was pretty funny. Rene and Quentin had another great fatherhood bonding moment.

Arrow Honor Thy Father - Black Canary and Mr. Terrific

It was telling Oliver thought digging up dirt on Prometheus’ father was enough to stop this plan years in the making. Team Arrow drastically let their guard down here. Prometheus was willing to kill his wife and they thought he was just going to peacefully go to prison. Not so fast. That sly smile at the end of the episode and Rene’s bizarre absence at his custody hearing showed Prometheus is the only one playing a game everyone else thought was over.

Honor Thy Fathers more than made up for last week’s misstep. Prometheus is earning his status as Arrow’s best villain week by week. While his plan was somewhat understated and he appeared beaten, he’s just setting Team Arrow up for his masterstroke.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW