Supergirl Alex review S2 Ep.19

Alex was a better than average episode despite a few hiccups.

A lot of that had to do with the episode actually having a worthwhile villain. This wasn’t Parasite, Metallo, Silver Banshee or Cadmus (remember them?), but one of Kara and Alex’s classmates. Rick Malverne (David Hoflin) was the kind of character villain Supergirl needs to encounter more often. A villain who can’t get punched or scared off with her powers. And not at the spooky government Cadmus level, but one smart enough to game Supergirl and the DEO.


Malverne wanted Supergirl to bust his father, Peter Thompson (Gregg Henry, Teen Titans: The Judas Contract) out of prison. I loved the fresh twist on this story with Rick’s mother being the abusive parent and the father was the one that saved him. This gave Rick a better than average villain origin. And his ties with Kara and Alex helped make it personal.

I’d love to see an episode where a crooked DEO mole looks to get a big payday by exposing Supergirl’s identity. Everyone there knows her big secret and somebody has to have a price. And it just seems like a bad policy to let an entire office know her not-so-secret identity.

Supergirl Alex - J'onn, Maggie, Supergirl and Winn

I wasn’t as big a fan of Kara and Maggie getting into a ‘pissing contest’ over who loves Alex more. Maggie is still a crappy girlfriend and the easiest way to ruin a relationship is to start complaining about a sibling or parent.

Not that Kara has been portrayed especially great lately. The writers have worked hard to give Kara more depth, but she’s making some strange out of character decisions. And they’re borrowing the wrong pages from The Flash’s playbook and making Kara nearly irrational when it comes to people she loves.


That was severely tested with Malverne’s mind games as he had a counter for every DEO trick right down to knowing J’onn would imitate his father. J’onn curiously backtracked off his no mind reading/no mind wiping policy. The writers went to great lengths to not make that a tool in his arsenal and apparently it’s a power that will be used whenever it’s convenient.

The Rhea and Lena subplot was more distracting than a useful development on the Rhea front. It was funny that Rhea had no problem adapting to Earth culture and dialogue in a way Mon-El still can’t manage. But I was glad Lena caught her slip up and deduced she was an alien. It’d be nice if Lena used that same acute powers of reasoning to figure out her buddy Kara is actually Supergirl.

Supergirl Alex - Rhea

Rhea’s subplot would have a greater purpose if Mon-El still felt like an important character. Considering he’s the reason for her vendetta against Supergirl and Earth, it’d make more sense if he was a prominent part of the series still. He did make an appearance and got to have some interactions with the cast, which was more than James.

It’s so weird how he’s all but dropped out of the show. Last season, James was a major player as Kara’s crush/confidant/motivator. Now, he may get a few quickie scenes here and there, but rarely anything meaningful.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW