The Flash Infantino Street review S3 Ep.22

Did they really do it? Team Flash’s main objective all season has been to somehow change the future and prevent Savitar from killing Iris. And they didn’t? Regardless of how the season finale plays out, Infantino Street was an amazing episode.

I’m almost tempted to say these last few weeks have redeemed a season that was somewhat struggling without a strong villain. Even if the last scene gets undone next week, I’d rank Infantino Street as one of the best hours of the series. 

Obviously the big question is will the writers actually kill off Iris? Just like the speedsters’ trope, not every season needs to kill off another beloved character. Even before Iris got skewered, there were a lot of exceptional moments this week.


Since Lyla wasn’t willing to hand over the leftover Dominators’ tech from Invasion, Barry went rogue. More specifically, he got a rogue traveling back in time to borrow Captain Cold while on a mission with the Legends. Typically, I’d gripe about the inconsistencies of Flash reversing his stance against time travel for the sake of a plot point. But, if that finds a way to bring Captain Cold back, I’ll allow it.

The writers have botched a lot in regards to The Rogues’ effectiveness, but they have the Snart/Barry dynamic down … cold. Ouch. Wentworth Miller was terrific as always and he’s got a great chemistry with Grant Gustin. They’re able to maintain the tentative alliance without selling for a minute that Cold has become a hero. Whatever logic workarounds need to happen, Captain Cold absolutely needs to be back on The Flash next season.


The Argus break-in sequence was fun and it was very interesting to see Cheetah name dropped as a prisoner. Let the Wonder Woman in Season 4 rumors commence! For whatever reason, Argus had Killer Shark guarding the device. Why he was doing it for the sake of warmth or just because he liked the glowing material wasn’t explained. It’s odd how these little details don’t matter during such a fun scenario.

Meanwhile, Kid Flash took Iris and Joe to Earth 2. That was a smart play and I’m always happy to see Harry Wells. The Iris/Joe moment was terrific. These characters are almost always so weighed down by dramatic moments that it was great just seeing them be a father and daughter for once.

the-flash-infantino-street-tracy, cisco and hr

Back at STAR Labs, Team Flash was prepping for its Savitar showdown. It was very weird that Julian wasn’t there this week or even mentioned. Tracy was there and got a proposal from HR to stay on with the team. His happy go lucky attitude quickly ended when Savitar tricked him into revealing Iris’ location. And poor Kid Flash got his knee busted to effectively put him on the shelf for the foreseeable future.

Just like Barry had to prep for his season long face off with Savitar, Cisco had one of his own. He had to face Killer Frost again and this time in the same setting as his enduring vibe premonition. It’s interesting that both Barry and Cisco fought all season to prevent what ultimately was inevitable.

Armed with the speed bazooka, Barry thought he had the upper hand, but Savitar used the Philosopher’s Stone to counter its effects. So all that effort was for nothing.

The final sequence intercutting between Flash desperately trying to reach Savitar and Iris’ proposal was heartbreaking. I loved the callback to Eddie’s message to Iris from earlier and it was overall, really well done.


the-flash-infantino-street-Iris and Barry

If I’m playing with house money, I’m betting Team Flash finds some loophole to save Iris and stop Savitar. It’d be incredibly disheartening for the viewers to invest in a season long mission only for Flash and company to fail. Either way, I’m really looking forward to next week’s season finale.

Rating: 9.8 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW

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