Arrow: Missing review S5 Ep.22

Missing played out like a milestone greatest hits episode of Arrow. Or at least the best homecoming ever. Either way it definitely had a big time feel that ends the debate about Prometheus being one of the series’ best villains.

I liked that Oliver’s birthday always falls around season finale time. No time to have a surprise party with your best pals when Slade has unleashed an army or Damien Darhk has a nuke at the ready.

It would have been nice if Felicity found a nice guy this season and developed a real relationship. And then if something happened to him, it could have made for a great arc for her. Too bad that never happened… My lone gripe with Missing is how quickly the writers have all developed amnesia about Felicity and her loving boyfriend Billy for the sake of Olicity teases.


The writers redeemed themselves with the slow burn of Team Arrow coming up missing. First it was Rene, who’d missed a chance to get custody of his daughter back. Thankfully, Quentin didn’t just blow that off. Dinah was also missing and Curtis arrived at her place in time to also get ambushed by her attacker.

Oliver tried a proactive approach and sent Thea and Quentin to a safe house, but that ended terribly as Black Siren and Evelyn captured them. Evelyn has a knack for showing up just after I’ve forgotten she’s on Chase’s speed dial. She’s a great ace up his sleeve and Black Siren provides a nice psychological adversary for Team Arrow.

Arrow Missing - Black Siren and Quentin

Any episode that lets Paul Blackthorne work his on screen magic such as when Quentin confronted Black Siren is going to earn high marks. There seemed to be some reluctance or concern from Black Siren towards Quentin. Maybe her father’s death sent her spiraling to becoming a villain on Earth-2?

While brief, the flashbacks were solid. Konstantin Kovar has this nasty virus that lets the victim experience their physical pain all over again. This made Oliver relive all the scars from the last few years and get confronted by his original mentor Yao Fei. These flashbacks made for a nice full circle payoff to the flashbacks or at least the island ‘years.’

Arrow Missing - Merlyn

And just when Diggle and Felicity decide to disobey Oliver’s orders and return back to the Arrowcave to stand with him, Talia and her minions capture them. That left Oliver with one returning ally/enemy – Malcolm Merlyn. John Barrowman helped make Legends of Tomorrow a lot of fun this season, but his presence was missed on Arrow. In particular, I’d missed his unique pep talks to get Oliver out of a funk.

Together, they broke a smirking Chase out of prison. As usual, Josh Segarra was terrific. I love that Prometheus is so consumed by his desire to break down Oliver he can blame him for his wife’s death. Stephen Amell was great in the scene where Oliver questioned Chase about taking his son.

There was some concern after the big Prometheus reveal that this was going to be a case similar to The Dark Knight Rises where it was Talia who was the real villain. Thankfully this is all the Adrian Chase show and he is loving every minute of it. And now he’s taken his army to Lian Yu in a fitting final location showdown with Oliver.

Arrow Missing - Oliver

But Oliver knew even Dark Archer wasn’t enough to help stop Prometheus and called in Nyssa. But why settle for two bad a$$ killers when you can get the ultimate one? The situation has reached the point of desperation that Oliver is recruiting Slade to help?

Besides that silly Olicity scene, this was an another thoroughly epic episode. Arrow is doing right by its best villain yet and Missing set the scene for an epic season finale.

Rating: 9.8 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW