WWE TNF Series 3 pictures – Seth Rollins, American Alpha revealed

Mattel has revealed photos of its WWE Then Now Forever TNF Series 3. So far, Seth Rollins and American Alpha members Jason Jordan and Chad Gable have been revealed.

I’m very curious what Mattel has planned for Miss Elizabeth, who was not shown.

Seth Rollins is in his dull grey and black attire. That’s not as exciting as some of his other looks, but I kinda dig the new headsculpt.

Chad Gable still looks a little too much like ROH star Dalton Castle to me, but the likeness looks a bit better here.

I’m very encouraged by Jason Jordan. Mattel has continually botched getting various shades of black skin tone correctly. The worst offender remains Farooq. I didn’t bother getting the WWE Elite Boogeyman simply because they screwed up his complexion. Jordan actually looks correct, which is a great sign for future black superstars.

Photo Credit: Mattel