Supergirl Resist review S2 Ep. 21

Resist managed to cover all the elements that have ruined this season into one episode.

It wasn’t just silly Maggie/Alex romance in the thick of an alien invasion. Or Guardian being ‘helpful.’ But a combination of all the silly moments that have led to this underwhelming season finale.

Supergirl Resist - Lena Luthor

Rhea may have suckered her into building a portal to transport her alien invasion force, but she really does care for Lena. She cares so much she wants her to marry Mon-El. And produce an heir using genetic samples from locks of their hair. These arranged marriages are getting more and more complex. But if Lena isn’t down with the whole birthing the new alien nation, Rhea will just blow up a LexCorp hospital. Because if there’s one thing that’s been clearly established all season is Lena’s devotion to that hospital…


The writers had a chance to adapt the New Krypton story for the show. In that comic story, Superman found hundreds of Kryptonians, each with his same level of powers now that they arrived on Earth. Eventually it went bad and New Krypton ended. This would have meant New Daxam would have just been established on a desolate area on Earth. Kara could have more super powered help and feel less alone battling crime. No need to rush this New Daxam storyline. Besides, it’s not like Cadmus hadn’t been positioned as the season’s big bad anyway.

Instead, we get alien invasion 4,532. But the most frustrating part of this invasion? The Daxamites don’t realize they have powers and are decked out like Guardian Ver. 2.0 toting lasers to enforce their martial law throughout National City. At least that explains how Guardian wasn’t quickly rounded up.

Supergirl Resist - Chyler Leigh and Lynda Carter

For some idiotic reason, Rhea didn’t immediately target the DEO. The one place that might have worked up a way to stop them. Or at least think to use regular bullets instead of blasters. That would have rendered the whole Daxam invasion pretty ineffective.

Clearly I missed the moment when Rhea and company dumped the catatonic Martian Manhunter back to Earth instead of keeping him imprisoned on their ship. And didn’t Cadmus destroy the safe space bar earlier when they rounded up Winn’s girlfriend and company? Lyra probably would have been helpful in fighting off alien invaders too.

Good thing Lillian Luthor arrived with Hank ‘don’t call him Cyborg Superman’ Henshaw in tow. I loved that Lillian is exactly the kind of villain to say I told you so.


Resist’s best moment came in the stand-off with Rhea and President Marsdin … right up until Cat Grant returned. She was coincidentally in DC when the invasion hit and is back to give Resist a triple shot of Feminist Meme Generator. I’ve never been Cat’s biggest fan as the writers made her so over the top obnoxious. Every scene with Cat felt like the writers were trying to cram a season’s worth of Cat indulgence into one episode and it was overkill. And of course Cat immediately knows Guardian is James because of the tiny eye slot.

Cat’s return diminished the big reveal to Team Supergirl that Marsdin is an alien. For all the various teases throughout the season, this seemed like it’d be a bigger deal. And I’m pretty sure being an alien disqualifies anyone from becoming president. Infiltrating the government and enacting legislation that puts the American public at risk seems like exactly the kind of thing Cadmus sought to prevent. Yet somehow they’re the bad guys? Supergirl logic is real twisted.

Supergirl Resist - Lillian Luthor, Alex and Supergirl

Thanks to Cat rallying National City, the residents decided they could resist their alien overlords … who should have super powers by now. Meanwhile, Alex and Maggie snuck back into the DEO to gain access to the summer laser to repel the Daxamite fleet. President Marsdin wants them shot out of the sky yesterday while Alex wants to buy time for the big rescue.

Lillian, Henshaw and Supergirl used the Phantom Zone projector to get to Rhea’s ship to rescue Mon-El and Lena. Well, Mon-El at least. Lena was getting her Dale Arden on and working on her own escape as Mon-El fumbled around beating one (non-powered?) guard. Despite a season’s worth of training and powers, Mon-El still can’t accomplish what Lena does with just a stray blaster.

Lillian ditched Kara after getting Lena, but Supergirl was prepared. Winn whipped up a device to control Henshaw allowing Mon-El to return to Earth. As for Kara? She wanted to give Rhea one more chance to surrender. Why? Oh, so a mind-controlled Superman could fight Supergirl. But if Rhea had Superman under her control all this time why wouldn’t she just use him to control the entire planet? Sigh.

Resist was a messy episode with too much Cat and not nearly enough logic. Hopefully the season finale can fix at least some of these problems.

Rating: 4 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW