The Resident Evil reboot can finally deliver the movie game fans have always wanted

Of all the films based on video games, Resident Evil was clearly the most successful. Spawning a slew of sequels to become a legit franchise, the Milla Jovovich series seemingly wouldn’t die. 

While a major box office success (trailing only Aliens as the highest grossing horror/thriller series) it never reached the heights it could have by sticking closer to the game backstory. With the announced reboot, fans of the video game might finally get a movie worthy of their beloved property. One that doesn’t relegate the fan favorite characters to underwhelming cameos in favor of a character that was more superhero than regular person in a zombie outbreak.

The news that James Wan (Saw, Furious 7) is coming on board as a producer is encouraging. Wan knows quality horror and he can inject some serious jump worthy moments with some quality character dynamics.

Hopefully the reboots feature the games’ main characters. Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, Leon Kennedy or Claire Redfield will do fine. But with Constantin Films and Screen Gems planning a six film franchise, what’s the best way to deliver on the series’ potential?


The first Resident Evil did a pretty good job of translating the original game into a film so no need to remake that one. Its sequel, Resident Evil: Apocalypse wasn’t bad in covering Resident Evil 2 and 3, but it could have handled Jill and Nemesis better. Beyond that? There’s definitely possibilities in mining the other games for movie plots.


Maybe the smartest option is turn Resident Evil 4 into a film. That’s considered by fans the high point of the series. And it has a pretty fun take on the zombie premise. Leon travels to a creepy town to rescue the president’s daughter only to find the sinister cult behind her disappearance has a far deadlier secret.

Resident Evil 5 Chris and Sheva

Resident Evil 5 could provide a more action heavy installment with Chris and newcomer Sheva trying to stop a bio-terrorist from unleashing a new killer virus strand. That could have more of a buddy action dynamic.

Considering the weak treatment of Ada Wong, a game to film translation of Resident Evil 2 might not be such a bad thing after all. And given the positive buzz of Resident Evil 7, Wan might be able to amp up the horror adapting this more psychological thriller. Either way there’s some great options for the reboot team. Just please keep Super Alice far away from it.

Image Credit: Capcom and Screen Gems