Supergirl Nevertheless She Persisted review S2 Ep. 22

Oh My Gosh you guys! With an alien invasion and Superman turned against her, but Supergirl faced  insane odds battling the Daxam army and a brainwashed Superman, but Nevertheless She Persisted! What an amazing season finale. Time to go find some gifs and memes to fully convey all my feelz!

Maybe that was the reaction the Supergirl writers were hoping for with this season finale. Instead, Nevertheless She Persisted was symbolic of a season that had progressively been going off the rails finally going off the tracks.

The foolishness started almost immediately with Supergirl having to fight Superman. Thanks to some silver Kryptonite, he thought she was General Zod attempting to destroy everyone on the planet. Supergirl beat him simply from out-punching him.

To make it more ridiculous, when he awakened, Superman said he was at full power and she beat him. I could spend the rest of this review explaining why that’s BS, but if Superman really thinks Zod is on a rampage, he’s snapping necks. There’s no need for Supergirl to be the strongest most powerful hero on the planet. Especially when she’s just been doing it for two years compared to Superman’s vast experience edge. This scene triggered my latent power – the Super Never Ending Eye Roll.

Supergirl Nevertheless She Persisted - Supergirl, Superman and Alex

Now that she’s got the ego boost from ‘beating’ Superman, Kara challenged Rhea to a one on one fight. If Supergirl loses, Rhea can turn Earth into New Daxam. Shouldn’t this be the kind of thing she discusses with … oh, the (alien) president of the United States first? And naturally, Rhea will leave if she loses since we’ve never known her to be anything short of honorable.

J’onn was stuck in Rhea’s mind prison before he had a vision of M’gann waking him up and kissing him. Yep, J’onn’s not alone in dreaming Sharon Leal kissed him. Lillian Luthor was busy boosting Lena’s ego so she could help her convert one of Lex’s alien deathtraps into a lead aerosol device. One that would be toxic to all the Daxam invaders.

But if Supergirl used it, she’d have to say goodbye to her bae Mon-El. Oh why can’t a woman be the most powerful hero on the planet, have a cushy, barely earned job with a spacious apartment and have a domesticated boyfriend? These are real problems Clark. Not battling on this War World where you constantly get beat up by any female aliens.

Time for the big showdown. Supergirl battled Rhea on a rooftop away from any collateral damage? Could Supergirl not find a desert anywhere using her all-powerful X-Ray vision? This big ultimate battle looked pretty terrible with sketchy special effects.

Rhea at least manages to put up a fight against the unstoppable Supergirl via Kryptonite blood? OK. Not that it matters though as Supergirl has also developed a passing immunity to Kryptonite. Remember back in the good old days when that took her out? Also, these random explosions looked real goofy.

To absolutely no one’s surprise, Rhea doesn’t honor her word and orders the attack to continue. It sure would be cool if the Daxamites’ super powers kicked in… Not that it matters as M’gann is back and she’s got a White Martian posse with her.  Time to push the button. Kara triggers the device. Rhea decides not to immediately teleport away like her army and writhes on the roof before asking Mon-El for help. And he’s all ‘you killed my father’ and watches her die. And Supergirl is suddenly cool with letting Rhea die? Remember just two episodes ago she went to Rhea’s warship to ask her to stand down so she wouldn’t get killed.

Supergirl Nevertheless She Persisted - Supergirl and Mon-El

Despite Mon-El gasping, coughing and wheezing, he has an extended, tearful goodbye with Kara. I wish I cared, but Mon-El was such a wasted character. And it’s not like he helped Kara become a better hero or inspired her in some way. Like Iris and Felicity regularly do for Barry and Oliver. A random portal sucks up Mon-El’s spacecraft. Maybe to the 31st Century? I’d be more optimistic, but I can already picture how underwhelming Supergirl would make the Legion of Superheroes.

Superman tells Kara he’s humbled by her as he values his relationship way more than she does apparently. Oh yeah, Superman fanboys. Take one last kick in the tail on your way out. Go watch Smallville if you want to see a confident, heroic Superman…

Cat offers Kara one more pep talk. And as she heads out, Cat whispers ‘go get ’em Supergirl.’ So she does know Kara is Supergirl, but apparently forgot Supergirl has super hearing and for some reason can’t figure out Clark is Superman. These Cat segments were far more important than all the subplots developed this season.

Supergirl Nevertheless She Persisted - Kara, Clark and Cat

What’s Lillian going to do now with Cadmus? Is Lena going to go bad? Now that Cat’s back, what will James be doing? Is Winn still dating Lyra? At least the season’s most important subplot got furthered. Alex proposed to Maggie so …yay? And J’onn and M’gann are dating. Seriously gang, I’m OK if some characters aren’t in relationships.

As a season finale, Nevertheless had too many poor decisions from previous episodes to overcome. The writers seemed to figure out who the main villain was with six episodes left in the season. And another alien invasion effectively made Cadmus’ point. The lure of the other Krypton orphan sent to Earth definitely isn’t enough to sell me on next season yet. Especially if it plays out like this one.

Rating: 4 out of 10

Photo Credit: The CW