DC Comics reviews for the week of 5/24/17

Wonder Woman #23

Wonder Woman #23 cover

The Truth concludes this issue as we’re closing in on the end of Greg Rucka’s run. Wonder Woman finally learns why she’s been kept in the dark with Themyscira all this time. Despite a lengthy build-up, Rucka¬† lands the payoff…mostly

Diana comes face to face with Ares and learns he’s not the ultimate evil she envisioned. The truth is much different and it’s tied directly into her mission to join the regular world. Meanwhile, Ares’ sons are ready to unleash their full might provided they can get to Ares.

Liam Sharp’s artwork is stunning with gorgeously drawn characters and intricate details. Sharp doesn’t skip on details and the amount of effort he puts into his pages is impressive.

Wonder Woman #23 interior art

Wonder Woman’s confrontation with Deimos and Phobos isn’t the big showdown I was expecting, but made sense in the context of the story. That’s really the main theme of this issue. Rucka hasn’t bogged the story down with a bunch of unnecessary action scenes. And how Diana handles them works far more effectively than yet another prolonged fight scene.

This is more of a cerebral Wonder Woman story that explains vital elements of her past. Rucka is setting the stage nicely for the writers who will follow him and he’s giving them a lot of potential story elements to explore. The biggest is probably Wonder Woman’s relationship with her mother and what happens next with Veronica Cale.

Rucka and Sharp have crafted a one of a kind Wonder Woman run and this was a fitting cap to their thoughtful and engaging work.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Image Credit: DC Comics