Final Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer and payoff poster revealed

The final Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer and payoff poster dropped today. We’re a little over a month away from its July 7 release. With each Homecoming trailer and image, I get a little more excited.

I’m very curious as to what role Zendaya plays in the film. The Homecoming trailer has largely shown her to be ambivalent to Peter, but it seems like there’s more to it. I was excited seeing Donald Glover as well. I’m hoping he gets a few scenes in the movie as he’s got a cool presence that would be welcome here.



The payoff poster is interesting since Robert Downey Jr. has the largest portrait. And Iron Man also has a prominent placement. I get that Iron Man/Downey Jr. is a selling point to some extent to this film, but the rest of the cast seems shortchanged with the Iron Man focus for a Spider-Man movie. And I’m not entirely convinced the trailers haven’t shown all of Tony Stark’s appearances in the film. Spider-Man Homecoming trailer payoff poster

Besides, I’m far more interested in seeing Holland’s Spider-Man in his Spider-Man setting than Tony Stark being a major component of it. That’s what the Iron Man trilogy, and to a lesser extent The Avengers films, are for.

Photo Credit: Marvel Studios/Sony Pictures