McFarlane Toys reveals NFL Ultimate Team Series 18, which naturally has a Brady figure

McFarlane Toys revealed NFL Ultimate Team Series 18. With Peyton Manning retired, Tom Brady now takes the role of obnoxious superstar quarterback included in every series. I’m betting even Patriots fans would rather get other players than Brady at this point. And no, that doesn’t mean the 13th Rob Gronkowski figure either.

Raiders QB Derek Carr is a sensible addition. He’s an up and coming superstar and the Raiders as a whole are a team on the rise.

The Atlanta Falcons Julio Jones is a solid choice even if some Falcons fans are doing their best to forget how this previous season ended. Le’Veon Bell of the Steelers makes sense too, but I’m curious how well the Cardinals’ David Johnson figure will sell.


As much as I loathe the Dallas Cowboys, including rookies Ezekiel Elliot and Dak Prescott makes sense. Though with how sparse the offerings are from McFarlane Toys with this line, I’d like to see the love get spread around to some other teams. Not that I’m recommending any Niners get added to the rotation this season. As biased as I am, even I’m not gonna grab a Brian Hoyer figure.

This must be a tricky line for McFarlane Toys to create since most players have a limited fan base. In their respective regions they probably do great, but I can’t see a huge demand for a Michael Crabtree figure in Maryland.

Still, I’d like to see more variety in the line rather than the same superstars get new figures over and over. At the very least maybe McFarlane should try and release at least one player from each team every other year. That way fans of every team can get in on the action.

Image Credit: McFarlane Toys