Marvel Legends Invisible Woman figure review – Walgreens exclusive

This has been a pretty good week for me. First I find the Mary Jane and Spider-Man set and I cap the week with finding Sue Storm aka The Invisible Woman. I’ll attribute some of that to watching Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Maybe next up I should watch Brewster’s Millions?

For a long time it looked like the Fantastic Four was going to be represented by very early Toy Biz versions. As great as those figures were at the time, they really don’t match up well with the 2016-2017 era Hasbro Marvel Legends. Of all the reveals at San Diego Comic Con, the Invisible Woman excited me the most. Finally an amazing looking Sue Storm figure! Provided she turned out as well as the prototype.

Does she deliver? Let’s just say the wait for the rest of the FF just became a little more unbearable. I’m glad Walgreens is taking care of collectors with these exclusives.

Packaging:  Sue gets the exclusive figure treatment meaning she gets a dedicated packaging. The Fantastic Four might be scrubbed from the comics, but the logo is prominent on the package right down to the inner lining. Hasbro normally crams a lot onto the packaging with the BAF. I was a little surprised they didn’t take advantage of the extra space to write a better bio.

Marvel Legends Invisible Woman figure review -package bio

As usual, the window provides a clear glimpse of the figure and accessories. There might be some problems on the back, but you can spot all the flaws on the front.

Marvel Legends Invisible Woman figure review -with FF backdrop

Likeness:  Between comic and movie versions, we’ve had several Sue figures. This is the first one that truly ‘looks’ exactly how I envisioned Sue in figure form. Hopefully I won’t reach the point of expecting excellent head sculpts.

Marvel Legends Invisible Woman figure review -raising arms

Sue has a slight smile as if she’s exasperated from Reed blabbering on again or bemused listening to Franklin talk about his school day. It’s exceptional. With such a simple outfit, the head sculpt was key here and Hasbro delivered big time with yet another contender for best female sculpt this year.

The body is well suited for Invisible Woman. It’s not as busty and voluptuous as the Spider-Woman/Black Cat mold and is ideal for the soccer mom type like Sue.


Scale:   Sue is an average sized, but her slightly larger head gives her a taller impression. Even still, she’s appropriately shorter than an average male figure like Daredevil or Namor.

Marvel Legends Invisible Woman figure review -with Namor

Paint:   I really like the shade of blue used. The FF’s costumes weren’t a classic, pure blue like Captain America and I like the slight hint of turquoise. The line work on the costume is solid. The FF has pretty simple costumes so I wasn’t expecting any major problems on this front.

The one choice that’s annoyed some folks is the 4 button. It’s a circle within a circle like more modern takes on the costumes. This is a minor deal for me as the other elements are far more important. Everything is painted cleanly from the face down to the fading of the invisible arm.

Marvel Legends Invisible Woman figure review - ready for a fight

Articulation:  Invisible Woman has solid articulation as usual for the line. The females have a few less points, specifically the waist and bicep, but she’s fun to pose in force field projection gestures. Sue’s a little top heavy due to the head, but there’s not a lot of poses creative folks couldn’t come up with for her.

Invisible Woman has

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee (double-jointed)
  • ankle

Marvel Legends Invisible Woman figure review -fighting off Sandman

Accessories:   Sue comes with a fading left hand to match her right arm. I dig having the left hand fist so there’s some posing options. The one obvious misstep is the lack of a regular right arm. Hasbro hasn’t been opposed to separate arm pieces (Ms. Marvel) so it was an odd omission.

Marvel Legends Invisible Woman figure review -making a force field

I like the fading arm to show her powers, but with no guarantee of another Invisible Woman, I’d rather get everything in one shot. This will hinder some pose options. Hopefully Hasbro has a non-powered Sue and Johnny Storm planned down the road.

Marvel Legends Invisible Woman figure review -HERBIE

That doesn’t mean Sue comes empty handed. She gets the Johnny stand-in H.E.R.B.I.E. As far as babysitter/homicidal robots go, this is a pretty nice add-on. There’s a surprisingly nice amount of a detail with panels. This wasn’t a chump afterthought accessory and a nice holdover until more members of the FF arrive. He comes with a stand to keep him upright.

Marvel Legends Invisible Woman figure review -with HERBIE

Worth it?  Walgreens isn’t taking advantage of its exclusive with a mark up here, which is appreciated. You’ll find Sue for the standard $20 price. I was able to catch Walgreens on a Friends and Family Day, which knocked her down to $17. Catch them on the right sale and you could catch her for an even better price.

Rating: 9.7 out of 10

This is a near perfect figure besides that pesky missing regular right arm.

Marvel Legends Invisible Woman figure review -with Human Torch, Reed Richards and Thing

Where to get it? This is a Walgreens exclusive. If you don’t have one nearby, Sue just popped up on their website. They’re excellent about fully stocking their exclusives so the odds are good in eventually getting her. If you really have to though, Sue is starting to show up on Amazon at a marked up price.