The best of Wonder Woman cosplay

Wonder Woman remains first and foremost the best female superhero. Sure Harley Quinn has picked up a lot of steam as this weird anti-hero. Captain Marvel has just recently become super popular. Catwoman has great name value, but the line forms after Diana of Themyscira.

Despite the showy ‘newcomers,’ Wonder Woman remains one of the convention circuit’s go-to characters for cosplay. Here’s a look at some of the ones I’ve shot at Awesome Con, Baltimore Comic Con and New York Comic Con.


Vintage look:  featuring the bombshell spin on Wonder Woman.

New 52 Wonder Woman cosplay featuring the way too short-lived silver accents colors.

Variant looks: This is all the loosely inspired by Wonder Woman attires.

Classic Wonder Woman cosplay: For those who prefer the traditional vintage outfit.

And if you needed a reminder, Wonder Woman starring Gal Gadot — who makes for a pretty impressive Woman Woman herself — opens in theaters June 1. She was pretty spectacular in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and I can’t wait for her role in Justice League. But first she gets the well deserved spotlight as the first female headlining superhero in the modern era.

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