Superhero Headlines for the week of May 29-June 4

Rather than break down all the small announcements, I decided on simply recapping all the big comic book movie and TV news for the week. While Wonder Woman’s opening weekend dominated the news, there was a ton of smaller reveals and tidbits. And some exciting casting announcements. Here’s the Superhero Headlines for the week.


Avengers: Infinity War
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Winston Duke, who is playing M’Baku aka Man-Ape in Black Panther, has been confirmed to appear in the film. News on the Marvel Cinematic Universe film has largely been very quiet. Man-Ape’s involvement is interesting as it suggests that Thanos might be lining up some big time MCU villains to keep the Avengers occupied while he goes after the Infinity Stones.

The New Mutants show adds some more cast members

Just when I thought I was approaching the tap out stage for X-Men properties, this New Mutant movie actually has me excited. That’s largely due to the traditional casting of the actual original New Mutants team. It’s crazy that New Mutants is getting a better treatment — at least with the team — than any of the X-Men movies.

Henry Zaga as Sunspot

This week, Blu Hunt was announced as Danielle Moonstar. Henry Zaga is signed up as Roberto da Costa aka Sunspot. They join Maisie Williams (Arya Stark from Game of Thrones) who’s playing Wolfsbane, Anya Taylor-Joy as Magik and Charlie Heaton as Cannonball.Blu Hunt as Danielle Moonstar New Mutants

Marvel’s Avengers

Avengers Secret War

The new subtitle for the fourth season is Secret Wars. I’d love if this attempted a new spin on the classic 80s storyline, but that would require some non-Avengers to get added to the mix — namely the Fantastic Four and X-Men — so that’s unlikely.

Secret Wars kicks off June 17 on Disney XD. Six shorts spotlighting the new team members: Black Panther, Ant-Man, Wasp, Vision, Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel started on June 2 and ends on June 7.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

Disney XD is launching a new Spider-Man series this summer. that looks to tie in to Spider-Man: Homecoming. Marvel describes it as a ‘back to basics approach to Spidey’s origin. That’s not a bad move since it’s not like Spider-Man fans are going to stop watching Spider-Man cartoons simply because it’s another relaunch. Spider-Man and Batman are probably the only characters who can get away with the constant reset of their series.

Here’s the first teaser:



Arrow Checkmate review - Adrian Chase

Josh Segarra, who played the series’ best villain Prometheus, last season celebrated his 31st birthday June 3.

The Flash

The Thinker

As promised, Season 4’s main villain won’t be a speedster, but a real thinking man’s bad guy. Ok that was pretty terrible, but I am glad The Thinker is going to be giving Team Flash the blues. He doesn’t have the same homicidal tendencies as the speedster villains. Hopefully this should mean a slant toward lighter stories and not the depressing tone with a character death hanging over the season.


gotham season 3

Season 3 wraps up on Monday, but the Blu-Ray/DVD announcement has already been released. Relive Gotham’s most entertaining and unpredictable season on Aug. 29. That includes all 22 episodes, the 2016 Comic Con panel and Court of Owls and New Villains of Gotham featurette.


Odette Annable (Cloverfield) will be starring as the season’s big bad Reign. I’m not at all familiar with Reign – a New 52 villain — but she’s typically been referred to as Supergirl’s equivalent of Doomsday.

Odette Annable
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Krypton scientists captured and experimented on her and four others to make them Worldkiller weapons. When she awakens to find Krypton destroyed, Reign heads to Earth and trouble breaks out. Since Supergirl can apparently whip Superman, why not just her fight Doomsday?

Supergirl Alex - Maggie and Alex

Floriana Lima, who plays Maggie Sawyer, is reducing her role to part-timer for next season. This should allow for a greater focus on Alex’s kick-tail role in the DEO and Kara’s amazing support system. I like Alex, but I never got the invested in her relationship. And Maggie was a terrible girlfriend for her.

Season 2 Blu-Ray/DVD arrives on Aug. 22. All 22 episodes, including the first CW appearance of Superman and the debut of Guardian, are in the set, which also features a digital copy. The set also features a Kevin Smith and Andrew Kreisberg audio commentary, a Did You Know trivia feature and Supergirl: Alien Fight Night featurette.