DC Comics reviews for the week of 6/7/17

Green Lanterns #24

Green Lanterns #24 cover variant

While it was never really in doubt, Baz and Cruz finally complete their training. For Baz, that means he gets bragging rights while for Cruz that gives her the privilege of wearing her insignia … again. Training Day for the newest lanterns might not have been suspenseful, but it was a pretty fun story.

Writer Sam Humphries wasn’t too preoccupied in making an overly serious arc here. That’s fine when it’s this much fun and it was  a nice change of direction to have Baz and Cruz honing their lantern skills. Humphries worked in some creative ways for Baz and Cruz to get the upper hand on their trainers Kyle Rayner and Guy Gardner. Despite normally working with a smaller lantern cast, Humphries had the other ring bearers’ voices down fine.

Hopefully this won’t be the last time he brings some lanterns into the mix with Baz and Cruz. Beyond the lantern fun, Humphries also builds up the next big arc with Volthoom plotting to regain control of the travel lantern.

Green Lanterns #24 interior art

Artist Carlo Barberi steps up this issue. For such a breezy, laid back issue, Barberi fills in nicely. Green Lanterns has always been a tough book in terms of securing a long-term artist, but Barberi would work. Baz and Cruz’s adventures aren’t especially dark and Barberi has solid comprehension on making the lantern constructs larger than life. Barberi crafted some great expressions for Cruz and Gardner in particular.

This was a simple, fun little story arc. It wasn’t a game-changer or affected the status quo, but it was a solid, breezy read and sometimes that’s all we need.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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