DC Comics reviews for the week of 6/7/17

Justice League #22

Justice League #22 cover

Justice League needs some bug spray as the Watchtower is infested.

The big lure here is incoming Wonder Woman writer Shea Fontana getting a crack at the Justice League.

Fontana adds some nice touches to the team interplay like Baz celebrating a successful mission with high fives for everyone. And for some added fun and nice scenes, Fontana brings Lois Lane and Jon onto the Watchtower for an interview.

In an encouraging sign for Wonder Woman readers, Fontana has a great flair for naturally flowing dialogue. Incorporating Lois and Jon and giving them individual moments with different Leaguers was a nice touch. Fontana is less successful explaining the big menace and their purpose in general.

Justice League #22 interior art

Philippe Briones handles the art this issue. Briones is one of the reliable steady artists on Aquaman so it was nice seeing him get all of DC’s heavy hitters. The ongoing challenge for Briones is the occasional flat face and stiff expressions. Overall the issue looked good and Gabe Eltaeb’s colors were sharp as always.

These shorter stories may not be groundbreaking epic arcs, but they’re finally establishing a solid team dynamic.

And they’re definitely helping to make Justice League a more enjoyable title.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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