Gotham: Light the Wick review S3, Ep.18

Light the Wick put a spark to the fire that’s been running through Gotham’s Heroes Rise arc. The quickened pace certainly kept subplots progressing, but events moved a little too quickly for my liking.

The Court of Owls was all set to start making their nightmares for Gotham a reality. First, they busted Capt. Barnes — I loved how everyone keeps calling him by his police rank despite him being an Arkham resident now — out of the Asylum. Then, Dr. Hugo Strange resurfaced to successfully weaponize the Alice Tetch virus. That’s a pretty solid doomsday scenario trigger for the League of Assassins though it seems kind of messy for the Court.


Gordon’s infiltration of the Court disappointingly lasted all of one episode. Some of that was due to Jim just being a moron like immediately calling Bullock after Kathryn gave him the 411 on the Court’s Gotham judgment plans. I keep waiting for Gordon to become more of a tactician and start learning from his mistakes. Maybe next season?

In fairness to Jim, tipping Penguin off to the Court’s plans to test the virus was smart. And with Firefly burning the Talon, he should have been able to remain undercover. But then closing drawers properly was never Jim’s strong suit. It was kind of goofy that Katherine deduced he was a mole simply from an open drawer, which ultimately didn’t matter anyway.

Gotham Light the Wick review - Firefly and Penguin

Lee’s frustration with Jim started to border on annoying this episode. Her growing hatred makes sense from a personal perspective, but to think Bullock and Lucius are under his sway was silly. Gordon might be clumsy and do everything with no consideration for the consequences, but he has always tried to keep Gotham safe.

In a more intriguing subplot, Ivy tracked Selina down in a hospital, where she was recovering from her coma. The writers left it somewhat vague as to how Selina recovered — was it Ivy’s therapeutic plants or Selina getting some recuperative powers from the cats that surrounded her after she fell? Either way, Selina has a clear objective in mind — killing faux Bruce.

The real Bruce was still being trained by the Court’s Shaman. And just maybe, he’s learned how to work through his anger to be a more effective fighter. For now the most potentially interesting long-term subplot this season is getting a very slow burn. That’s for the best since it maintains the mystery and allows the other events to unfold. The only bad aspect of this is we haven’t seen much of Alfred lately.

Penguin did get the Owls’ attention enough for a Talon to kidnap him and place him in a cell next to The Riddler. Last episode it seemed like Kathryn saw Riddler as a potential ally, but perhaps she’s reconsidered? I liked that even though they’re both behind bars Penguin’s initial reaction was to go after Riddler.


Gotham Light the Wick review - Gordon and Kathryn

Light the Wick might have been titled more for the final scene with Kathryn unleashing Barnes to take Gordon down. Gordon barely survived Barnes the first time so it’ll be interesting to see how the rematch plays out.

Light the Wick was another solid episode, but it would have been better had some of the subplots had more time to play out.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Photo Credit: Jessica Miglio/FOX