DC Comics reviews for the week of 6/14/17

Action Comics #981

Important Note: Read Suicide Squad #19 first

Action Comics #981 cover

Action Comics has always lived up to its name, but issue #981 delivers one of its most intense, hard-hitting battles yet.

The Suicide Squad crossover wraps here as Cyborg Superman and The Eradicator get General Zod on board with their plans. In addition to this new triple threat, Superman has to deal with the immediate fallout from the Black Vault’s explosion. And it’s a doozy. I’m a big fan of crossovers that affect both titles, which DC also recently did with The Lazarus Contract.

Writer Dan Jurgens continues to make the case Action is Rebirth’s most improved title. With the family emphasis of the main Superman title, Action keeps bringing that smashmouth version of Superman we rarely get to see on a bi-weekly basis.

As with any crossover with multiple creative teams, there’s some repetitive dialogue and a few inconsistencies. The biggest being Zod’s head being completely healed after carving out the Kryptonite brain bomb Amanda Waller placed. But those minor issues are easy to overlook thanks to the Suicide Squad and Action Comics teams making the effort to reinforce the connected nature of the DC universe without a massive event occurring.

Action Comics #981 interior art

Jurgens is joined this issue by Jack Herbert. This is my first exposure to Herbert’s work and it’s a natural for Action Comics. Herbert provides strong facial expressions and makes Superman look like a super man. There’s some occasional rough patches with more distant facial expressions and some character positioning, but I’d be interested in seeing more of his work on Action.

With this issue’s cliffhanger, Superman is going to have a real tough time battling any of the Revenge Squad. I can’t wait to see what Jurgens does next with a book that’s become one of my favorite Rebirth reads.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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