DC Comics reviews for the week of 6/14/17

The Flash #24

The Flash #24 cover

While Multiplex is doing his part to ruin Barry Allen’s surprise party, the Reverse Flash is busy trying to ruin Barry’s life.

Thankfully on one front, Barry has a little help with his best friend, Hal Jordan in town. While Multiplex proves tricky even for The Flash and Green Lantern, eventually they take care of him. But Reverse Flash is focused on terrorizing Kid Flash and Iris West.

Continuing to prove that death does not become him, Thawne is somehow back and in full make Barry’s life hell mode. Since Rebirth, a lot of creators have largely avoided the major enemy for the respective heroes. Writer Joshua Williamson proves why that wait was so rewarding with Reverse Flash’s reign of terror being so much more effective after establishing all that Barry has to lose. Unlike some arch-enemies, Reverse Flash seems to live for tormenting Barry and all his actions this issue are driven by that goal.


Bringing Jordan in was a nice move. Williamson has limited The Flash to speedster cameos until Batman and Green Lantern in the last few issues. Pairing Flash with other heroes, especially ones who can get him out of his funk like GL, proved a savvy move. Hopefully, Williamson has a few more cameos in mind for future stories.

Carmine Di Giandomenico handles the bulk of the art with Pop Mhan offering a few pages assistance. Di Giandomenico’s pencils are a real treat during speedster fight scenes. He has a knack for capturing the nightmarish tormentor aspect of Thawne as well illustrating him in a manner different than any other speedster.

The Flash #24 interior art

Mhan’s art is clean and solid. Flash seems to be a title that needs more fill-in artists than most and Mhan would be a solid addition to the lineup.

The cliffhanger this issue was a doozy and one that definitely will trigger some feelings for longtime Flash readers. I’m impatiently waiting next issue to see how far Thawne (and Williamson) will take this story.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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