DC Comics reviews for the week of 6/14/17

Titans #12

Titans #12 cover

Tough times are on the way for the Titans, if they haven’t already arrived.

Like he’s done with Aquaman, writer Dan Abnett has kicked the nostalgia dust off Titans. Now, he’s ready to start upsetting the status quo. It’s not some major villain or super team that threatens to upset the delicate balance of the Titans, but the team itself. For a book based on young adults, the dynamics and relationships should get messy and complicated.

Abnett didn’t turn the title to a full on soap opera right away in order to establish these bonds. Now that’s settled, he can shake things up a bit. While it was great seeing the Titans as a well-oiled machine, these changes seem set to introduce some new chaos and challenging situations for the team.


It kicks off with Omen visiting Psimon hoping to gain some valuable intel. Instead, Psimon learns what’s been going on with his longtime adversaries along with some surprising new teammates pairing up. And a shocking revelation about one member that could destroy the Titans from within.

Titans #12 interior art

Kenneth Rocafort joins Abnett as the artist this issue. Rocafort’s art was one of the few bright points of the original New 52 Teen Titans run. His art has a raw, unfinished quality that not a lot of artists could get away with, but works for his style. Abnett doesn’t give Rocafort a lot of opportunities to flex his action artist muscles, but he’ll be back for next issue, which should feature more action.

Titans continues to be one of DC’s most consistent team books if not its best thanks to the terrific personal dynamics. That only looks to intensify with this arc, which makes it as good a time as any for any stragglers to jump on and check it out.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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