Marvel Legends Netflix Man-Thing wave revealed

It’s not even collector Christmas aka San Diego Comic Con, but it’s already raining gifts. Pics for the full Netflix wave dropped today and we got some teases of the Thor Marvel Legends waves.

Hasbro showed most of its Marvel Netflix wave, but I’d argue they saved the best for last. As rumored comic book versions of Blade, Bullseye and Man-Thing are joining the Netflix based Daredevil, Elektra, Jessica Jones and The Punisher. I can’t wait to finally retire the original over-used buck Bullseye. The modern articulation will do him well. I really like the knife throwing attachment for his fingers. That’s a very nice touch.

It was definitely time for an updated Blade. I kinda wish he had a leather jacket as well, but he looks great.

I’m not all that attached to Man-Thing, but Blade, Bullseye and Jessica Jones are must-buys. I kinda dig the Netflix Daredevil and Punisher and Elektra can be a generic ninja. Looks like Hasbro once again has me on the hook for an entire wave. Bravo.

We got a few more glimpses of the Thor wave as well with Ares and Thor Odinson:

I’m not as thrilled about the repeat figures here. I never got the original Hasbro Ares figure so that’s cool. Hasbro’s strategy of adding Enchantress to the SDCC The Raft set and in the Doctor Strange line didn’t seem to work out so I’m curious why Jane Foster Thor is getting the same treatment.

Photo Credit: Hasbro