Gotham All Will Be Judged review S3, Ep. 19

All Will Be Judged continued the recent trend of fast moving episodes. This time that worked out as a lot of important events played out including one surprising death. Judgment came for one character much sooner than expected at the hands of The Executioner.

Despite my early misgivings, the clone Bruce storyline didn’t overstay its welcome. Selina tried to take him out and even with an assist from Alfred, clone Bruce got away. I’m still puzzled how clone Bruce’s head would be hard enough to withstand a pair of Alfred headbutts. The important thing is Alfred is fully clued in.

Before he could warn Gordon, Jim and Bullock had their own problems to deal with in the costumed up Barnes. Kathryn sicced Barnes after Gordon and with his new axe arm attachment, he was more than ready to carry out the sentence. Michael Chiklis has done a solid job of not getting too hammy in his performances, but tonight he was a bit hokey. Maybe it was his Green Arrow The Hood starter kit eye black? Good thing the GCPD showed a rare moment of competency and rescued Gordon and arrested Kathryn. Clearly, this must be the morning shift since the evening crew is always utterly incompetent.

Gotham All Will Be Judged review - Kathryn and Gordon

Alfred gets the line of the night as he stabs Kathryn in the hand saying ‘But I’m not a cop, I’m a butler.’ Never change Alfred. Turns out the kudos came too quickly as Barnes invades the station and knocks them out with a gas grenade. Maybe the station needs to invest in some metal detectors or a key card entry system? Just saying.

In the fray, Kathryn loses her head … literally as Barnes decapitates her for mouthing off too much. Kathryn was a cold evil witch this season and I’m going to miss her dismissive attitude. Gordon takes Barnes’ hand with the help of a shotgun, but the GCPD manages to lose him en route to Arkham. Seriously guys? The GCPD is the worst excuse for a police department ever. They just need to save the Gotham taxpayers’ a ton of money and reduce the force to Gordon, Bullock, Martinez and Lucius.

At first, Penguin and Riddler’s scenes seemed poised to be the episode’s weak spot. Their subplot wouldn’t have worked if it focused the entire episode with them bickering in cages. There’s only so much squawking I can take. Fortunately, they agreed to strike a truce until they broke out of the Court’s clutches. Their face-off after getting free was a nice teaser to the inevitable Riddler/Penguin war.

Gotham All Will Be Judged review - The Riddler and Penguin

Lee’s subplot got some much needed progression this week as well. She visited The Mad Hatter, who revealed he infected Mario to make Gordon pay because she still loved him. Lee has been so angry she hasn’t wanted to deal with that inconvenient truth. To square things up and to face her own consequences, Lee injects the Alice Tetch virus to reveal her darker side.

Gotham All Will Be Judged review - Bruce and Shaman

The only area that didn’t really work was the real Bruce/Shaman subplots. The flashbacks/mental unlocking segments are being overused and aren’t making a lot of sense. Granted, this is Gotham and out there premises is the norm, but this is getting too metaphysical for this show. Bottom line seems to be the Shaman is closer to getting Bruce’s complete allegiance.

All Will Be Judged benefited from strong Gordon and Alfred segments, the fun Penguin/Riddler sequence and advancing the Lee subplot. Once Bruce’s arc starts making more sense everything in Gotham is going to be hitting on all cylinders.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Photo Credit: Jeff Neumann/FOX


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