Here’s detailed looks at the Justice League costume designs

Time to get some clearer looks at what the Justice League is wearing with these detailed Justice League costume design close-ups. For the most part, DC’s Extended Universe hasn’t strayed too far from the established looks of the characters. In the instances they’ve been big departures, those costumes don’t receive nearly as much fanfare. Let’s see how these break down.

Justice League Aquaman costume design

Of the newer designs Aquaman is my favorite. It has that royal monarch look. This isn’t what the average Atlantean is wearing 20,000 leagues under the sea and it looks important.

Justice League Cyborg costume design

The Cyborg design actually doesn’t look too bad here. It’s still a little too busy for my liking, but it doesn’t look as fractured as it appears in the trailers. My biggest concern is the arm and leg attachments look too spindly and frail.

Justice League The Flash costume design

No matter how many times I see it, I’m just not a fan of The Flash’s costume. The armor plating makes little sense for someone moving at super speed. Armor would just slow him down no matter how sleek it is and the various segments break up one of comics’ most elegant and simple costume designs.

Justice League Batman costume design

Batman’s Justice League outfit ver. 2 is also a little over panel-y, but at least for Batman the plating makes sense. He needs all the protection he can get. I don’t like the cowl setup though as the lack of visible eye slots takes away a very distinguishing element of any Batman costume.

Justice League Wonder Woman costume designMaybe I’m missing some subtle changes, but Wonder Woman’s outfit looks the same since her Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice debut. That’s a good thing as Wonder Woman easily has the best movie design of all the Justice League members.

Justice League comes to theaters Nov. 17.

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