Awesome Con 2017 cosplay gallery – Day 1

One of my favorite aspects of Awesome Con is the feeling that people in the Washington, D.C., area truly love being there. I was on hand shooting an episode of Lyles Movie Files TV so be on the lookout for that soon. For now, I wanted to take a quick look at one of the highlights every year – the cosplay. The Awesome Con 2017 cosplay was in full swing Friday. There’s sooo many creative folks out here of all ages doing amazing cosplay.

Awesome Con 2017 cosplay Friday -Wonder Woman and Captain America 2

As always I saw some fantastic cosplay. Wonder Woman fittingly dethroned Harley Quinn as DC’s most popular cosplay option. It was a tight contest with Harley, Joker and Batman.

Awesome Con 2017 cosplay Friday -Joker and Harley Quinn Mad Love pose


Superman needs to step his game up if cosplayer love is any indication.

Awesome Con 2017 cosplay Friday - Harley Quinn

Awesome Con 2017 cosplay Friday -Suicide Squad Harley and Joker

Awesome Con 2017 cosplay Friday -Blackest Night Hawkgirl and Black HandDeadpool’s cosplay popularity seemed to wane this year. Maybe cosplayers are ready for new challenges instead of trying their respective spin on the Merc with a Mouth? Also on the Marvel side, Iron Man seemed to fall out of favor somewhat despite Stan Lee being one of the featured guests.

Awesome Con 2017 cosplay Friday -symbiote Danny Rand and Black Cat

Black Panther seemed to pick up some momentum faster than I anticipated. Spider-Man has never really lacked in cosplay participation, but there were more than a few Spider-Man: Homecoming costumes as well.


My favorite cosplayer might have been the young Jedi who geeked out over handling a lightsaber twice as big as him.

Another was this fantastic Ant-Man cosplay that was done by the cosplayer himself. Nice job buddy!

I realize I’m a sucker any time parents dress their kids up or kids get in on the fun too. There was nothing better than watching the kids smiling and beaming after taking pictures with adult cosplayers or posing for pictures. Awesome Con has done a great job of making the event a real family affair.

Here’s some of the other cosplay pics from Day 1.

Awesome Con 2017 cosplay Day 1 Friday - lit upAwesome Con 2017 cosplay Friday -Barnacle Boy, Mermaid Man, Doc Brown and Aquaman

Awesome Con 2017 cosplay Friday -Ani-Mia