Sights from Awesome Con 2017 – Deadpool married Wonder Woman

Alright, I’ve got another 200 plus cosplay pics to sort through and edit from Saturday. For now, here’s some of the cool sights from Awesome Con 2017.

In five years of awesome happenings at the con, few could rival the on site wedding. Deadpool and Wonder Woman (Megan Mattingly) got hitched and all their bridesmaids and groomsmen were decked out in cosplay. That was a pretty cool sight.

I loved the lightsaber training demo. One of the best parts about kids is they’re not worried about being cool and just fully embrace fun things. Like learning how to properly swing a lightsaber.

I got to briefly talk with half of Team Batman this time. Artist Greg Capullo has this coolest rock star vibe going and was incredibly cool. It was great actually talking to Scott Snyder in person after reviewing so many of his All-Star Batman work.

Awesome Con 2017 Batman's Greg Capullo and Scott Snyder

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend picking up Dark Days: The Forge. These guys were so cool, which further solidifies my thought that comic book creators from the indy level to superstar top tier elite level are some pretty amazing, grateful and humble people.

I chatted with Tom King for a minute as well. With some creative teams leaving and switching up since the start of DC Rebirth, I was hoping King was planning on sticking around. ‘Man they’re going to have to kick me off of Batman!’ he said. King has been an Awesome Con regular, but still is amazed at his reception. ‘It’s psychotic that people would want my signature. I’m just a father of three!’

Awesome Con 2017 Tom King

The line to get to Team Batman was major. Staffers capped them at 100 at a time. Fortunately, attendees had several opportunities to meet the guys, take a picture and get their various comic items signed.

Awesome Con 2017 Tom King chatting with fan

Awesome Con also set up a nice Adam West tribute wall for attendees to sign. West and Batman co-star Burt Ward were the featured guests at last year’s event. Awesome Con 2017 Adam West wall

Artist Mike Maydak had some of his very unique prints on hand. The mid-range pieces are slender enough to line several up to create your own unique collage. Probably the most impressive was Maydak’s larger scale Galactus piece. You can check out his work here.

Awesome Con 2017 Mike Maydak

Vanessa Betterncourt also took time to chat about her fantasy and children’s book Polly Black Ink. The concept is pretty cool and I hope to chat with her more about it soon. For now, you can visit her website here.

Awesome Con 2017 Vanessa Bettencourt

I also talked with Roye Okupe about his YouNeedStudios brand. And I caught back up again with the guys from Bright Light Media about the upcoming Mixtape Massacre expansion pack. I’ll be following up with both soon so stay tuned for more info.

Here’s some of the other pics I grabbed along the way.

Awesome Con 2017 even Belle has to wait in the ATM line
Even Belle has to wait in the ATM lines.