Awesome Con 2017 cosplay gallery Day 2

Whew. This took a second to finish up. Apparently I’m a crazy man with the camera. Awesome Con 2017 Day 2 kept me busy. Fortunately, my brother was down for all the fun. I’m always blown away by folks who set up multiple cosplay for the three days. It’s especially cool when the characters are so different from one another.

One of my favorites was Harley Quinn on the first day and transformed into the much more somber and melancholy Raven from Teen Titans for Day 2.

Another was @harding29 as Vi hanging with @demi_goat on IG as Rocket Raccoon and then with as Phantom Danny Rand and Black Cat.

Wonder Woman might have won Awesome Con 2017 as far as the most popular cosplay character. I’m wondering how Thor will fare come the fall once Thor: Raganarok is around the corner. Saturday also saw a ton of great various Spider-Man cosplayers.

The Guardians of the Galaxy had solid representation as well. I was a little disappointed no brave soul attempted an Ayesha. Gold paint would be pretty hard to remove I imagine.


Anyhow, here’s the cosplay from Day 2. To make it a little easier to follow, I broke it down to categories i.e. Marvel, DC, Star Wars, etc. Enjoy!



Awesome Con 2017 Day 2 cosplay -Squirrel Girl wide

Star Wars

Video GamesAwesome Con 2017 Day 2 cosplay - Final Fantasy