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CW’s Arrowverse is now stacked enough to adapt Crisis on Infinite Earths

Crisis on Infinite Earths is easily my favorite game-changing comic book event. Arguably the crowning achievement of creators Marv Wolfman and George Perez, Crisis dramatically altered the DC universe.

After the success of the Invasion crossover, I can’t help thinking now would be an awesome time for The CW to make Crisis an epic Arrowverse event. In the comic series, the heroes from infinite Earths bandied together to stop the menace of the Anti-Monitor, who was turning the universe into anti-matter. With the aid of his assistant/daughter Harbinger, The Monitor rallies heroes from various universes and time periods to stop the Anti-Monitor.

Crisis on Infinite Earths cover

The Anti-Monitor wants to wipe out everything in his wave of anti-matter. With the aid of his shadow demons and seemingly limitless power, the Anti-Monitor proves the toughest challenge for the combined heroes.

Victory only comes after Supergirl and The Flash sacrifice themselves to save the universe. And The Flash has already teased Crisis with the signature red skies that were present during the Anti-Monitor’s war.

Between Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl, there’s dozens of heroes in play. And there’s no point in constantly stocking the superhero universe without putting them all in action, right?

Crisis is exactly the kind of sprawling event to unite all the various characters in one saga. Invasion largely played it safe and focused on the individual shows, but Crisis is the kind of major event that could work over the course of two weeks. An eight episode Crisis?

Death doesn’t matter since Harbinger and the Monitor can pluck heroes from various points in the time stream. Now let’s break down all the viable heroes and characters that could take part in a CW Crisis on Infinite Earths broken down by their respective shows.


The Flash


Legends of Tomorrow

Black Lightning

For some weird reason, Black Lightning is not on the same world as Green Arrow and the Flash. But in the case of a Crisis crossover, the more unique worlds the better. Hopefully during the course of the season, more DC heroes will get introduced to help spark things up.

Black-Lightning-The-CWPhoto Credit: The CW