NECA reveals Aliens Series 12

NECA decided not to wait for San Diego Comic Con 2017 and got a jump on revealing Aliens Series 12. It features two humans, but not necessarily ones I was hoping for just yet. Still, these are very necessary variants for a comprehensive Aliens display.

First up is Ripley, with her flight jacket, which she wore through most of the film. NECA’s earlier Ripley was more of her ‘final battle’ attire. This is a more useful variant for me and I’ll probably grab her as soon as I see her at Toys R Us.

Next up is Vasquez. I’m pretty sure this is from her look in the last standoff with the Aliens. This is a weird choice for me since we still don’t have the basic tank top look.

Maybe more helpful for a cool Aliens display is some more battle damaged Xenomorphs. These have some pretty spectacular damage effects so they’ll be nice and useful for diorama building.

I’m curious about this tease. Maybe this is another Newt pre-Aliens invasion?

I’m still holding out hope for a Drake figure. NECA mentioned a new Colonial Marine was in the works. Hopefully, that wasn’t just the Vasquez variant. Gorman and Burke are also still essential at this point too.

This latest tweet is pretty encouraging so I’ve still got reason to be optimistic.

Photo Credit: NECA

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