Marvel Legends Shocker figure review

Shocker has never been regarded as one of the top tier Spider-Man villains. But every hero needs some middle tier punching bag bad guys and Shocker fits that bill perfectly. With some role in Spider-Man: Homecoming, it was fitting he gets an updated Marvel Legends figure as part of the Build A Figure Sandman wave. Let’s see if he manages to shake up my expectations.  

Packaging:  There’s nothing new for regular Marvel Legends collectors. Shocker is posed in a neutral position and you can see all the accessories and check for the best paint job.

Marvel Legends Shocker figure review -bio

In the various lines, Hasbro mixes up the side portrait size. While the X-Men and Captain America lines have full body shots, the Spider-Man series has more of a close up look. I like the tighter Spider-Man portraits for what it’s worth.


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Marvel Legends Shocker figure review -battle ready

Likeness:  Shocker isn’t a character demanding a lot of intricate sculpting. He’s a guy every wave needs one or two of to offset the more demanding and involved sculpts. That strategy has worked well for Hasbro and I’m definitely not knocking it. Otherwise we wouldn’t be getting so deep into the Marvel universe.

Marvel Legends Shocker figure review - close up

There are a few new parts. The gauntlets, wrist pads and knee pads are new. The bracers and gauntlets actually have some nice sculpted bits with dents and rivets to convey the metal plating. The knee pads break up that look as they lack any extra detailing. They look out of place enough to look cheap.

Marvel Legends Shocker figure review - with Toy Biz Shocker

I kind of wish Shocker was in his more classic attire since that look features a more unique look. Comparing the two, even with the action feature restricting some articulation, the old Toy Biz figure might be a better looking figure.

Marvel Legends Shocker figure review - scale with Boomerang, Superior Spider-Man, Beetle and Speed Demon

Scale:  Shocker uses the Bucky mold. He’s an average guy and doesn’t need any of the newer bulkier bodies.

Paint:  Of all the aspects of Shocker, getting the paint job was key. Thankfully for the most part, his waffle pattern outfit was handled nicely. Not surprisingly, the neck joint area is solid, which breaks up the pattern slightly.

There is some very light bleeding of the brown onto the yellow orange area, but otherwise this is strong paint work right down to the Thunderbolts logo and squinting left eye. The latter adds some fun character to an otherwise basic head sculpt.

The gauntlets again get some great love here with a wash to further bring out the sculpted details.

Marvel Legends Shocker figure review - charging up

Articulation: Nothing new with Shocker that we haven’t seen from the standard Marvel Legends figure. In his case, the inability to push the arms closer together to simulate his signature pose is a bit of a letdown. Shocker probably would have benefited from the Raft Spider-Man torso since the provided more range with its butterfly shoulders.

Marvel Legends Shocker figure review -getting choked out by Superior Spider-ManShocker has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • waist
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee (double-jointed)
  • ankle

Marvel Legends Shocker figure review -vs Superior Spider-Man

Accessories:  Shocker gets the other most overused accessory – the powerball power effect clips. With so many figures having it at this point, I’m ready for something different.

This effect doesn’t work as well for Shocker as say a Havok or Polaris. His power is more of a wave and less charging and conjuring.

Marvel Legends Shocker figure review - Superior Foes of Spider-Man - Speed Demon, Beetle and Boomerang

Additionally, he comes with the left leg to the Build A Figure Sandman.

Worth it? I got him for $17. That’s slightly cheaper than the going Marvel Legends rate. I’m glad I got him cheaper since there’s nothing especially spectacular here.

Rating: 8 out of 10

Shocker is essential to building Sandman and coming another step closer to completing the Superior Foes of Spider-Man. If neither interests you, Shocker might not be worth tracking down.

Marvel Legends Shocker figure review - aiming

Where to get it?  I saw the Sandman wave at Target, but could only get a few at that time, then never saw Shocker again. I tracked him down on HasbroToyShop, which naturally prompted Target to put him back on the shelf. That’s how that works. Anyway, you can find this wave at Target, Toys R Us and the like.

Tired of searching? Order the full case from Entertainment Earth or just grab him from Amazon.