D-Lo Brown debuts his upcoming WWE Elite 52 figure

D-Lo Brown isn’t one of those guys who is going to have a lot of Elite figures from Mattel. At best maybe a special Nation of Domination three or four pack in addition to his solo run. He shared a picture of his upcoming figure and I’m happy to say Mattel got this one right.

D-Lo first really got to prominence as a member of Farooq’s Nation of Domination. But it wasn’t until his tenure under The Rock’s Nation that his career really took off. I was glad Mattel went with the flak jacket and his European championship. D-Lo and X-Pac really made the title mean something during the Attitude Era so that was a necessary accessory.


The head sculpt looks pretty good and even more importantly, Mattel got his skin tone right. I was going to be really annoyed if he came out the same shade as Mark Henry.

All around good job from Mattel here. Hopefully the forthcoming Ken Shamrock looks just as iconic.

Photo Credit: D-Lo Brown