Star Wars Builders Sets – Droids review

I’m a big puzzle guy so I was intrigued about trying out the Star Wars Builders set. The good folks from Silver Dolphin were kind enough to send me a few of their sets to review.

First up, I’m going to look at the Droids Builders Set. This features three of the most iconic droids in Star Wars history with C3-P0, R2-D2 and BB-8. This set is based off their Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens appearances hence C3-P0’s red left arm. Let’s take a look at how they turned out.

Star Wars Builders Droids set - model piece sheets

Definitely the best aspect of the Droid Builders sets are the intuitive ease in assembling the droids. The sets have a puzzle/LEGO feel to them. There’s a satisfying click when the pieces lock in place. For the most part, assembly is easy.

Once I grasped the concept of how it should come together, it was a simple matter of matching the pieces with the right slots. Each set took less than 15 minutes to do despite a few challenges. The set is for ages 7 and up. Parents might need to spend a little more time working with younger children.

BB-8 and R2 were more complex thanks to their domed heads. I wasn’t able to get the rounded look exactly down as I would like — the heads have sectional pieces that fall and raise depending on how much pressure you exert piecing them together.

Of the three, R2 was probably the most challenging to build. That seemed to have to do more with the instructions not quite being clear about how to arrange the top and bottom portions properly.

I was happy the constructed droids felt solid. After all my hard work, the last thing I wanted was them to blow a motivator like R5.


Silver Dolphin has some hardcore Star Wars fans as the three droids are actually properly scaled. C3-PO is the tallest and BB-8 is the shortest of the trio. In a lot of instances like this you’ll see less attention paid to things like scale and accurately replicating the costume/armor.

In addition to the three builder sets, there’s a 60-page book breaking down most of the droids from the Star Wars Universe including the films and TV shows like Clone Wars and Rebels. There’s some pretty good information here for the various droids and is even more useful for newer Star Wars fans looking to quickly acclimate themselves to the characters.

I would have liked for the book to be removable from the casing. It gets awkward handling the empty container for the model sheet pieces.

At $25, this is a good value for some stress free fun building the droids and more long term time reading the book.

Star Wars Builders Droids set -BB-8, C3P0 and R2D2

Thanks again to Silver Dolphin for providing the set for review.


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