NECA adds another core character to its Aliens line with Hadley’s Hope two pack

NECA has delivered big time with the epic Aliens line I never expected to see. They teased the Hadley’s Hope two pack with the reveal of Aliens Series 12. Thankfully we didn’t have to wait too long to learn the pack’s contents.


Ripley and the Colonial Marines are sent to Hadley’s Hope to investigate the lack of communication. There, they find the terraforming, research and mining colony has been destroyed and overrun thanks to a Xenomorph infestation. And as Ripley and the Marines eventually learn, Carter Burke already knew about it.

I normally don’t like open mouth sculpts, but this fits Paul Reiser’s slimy corporate tool wonderfully. That terrified expression works well for him and it’ll be fun to come up with ways to display him cowering.

I definitely won’t complain about adding another xenomorph to my collection either.

The Hadley’s Hope set is tentatively scheduled for the fall and should be available at the usual retailers like Toys R Us and FYE.

Photo Credit: NECA