Marvel Legends Angela figure review

I had no intention of getting Angela when she was announced as part of the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 wave. She was fine in the comic, but by the point the figure was on the shelves she’d already left the team. I had every intention of sticking to my guns on this … until I saw Angela in person.

That’s the power of the Marvel Legends line. It’s completely selling me on figures I have little interest in just because they’re that good. And Angela? She’s pretty great and will be right in the thick of things for Best Female Figure of the Year.

Marvel Legends Angela figure review -bio

Packaging:  Nothing outside the ordinary from the typical Marvel Legends packaging. The purple accents for the Guardians line is really nice. Her bio is too generic though. Seems like mentioning she is a part of the Guardians would have made a smart selling point for folks unfamiliar with her. Thanks to her accessories, Angela’s tray looks stuffed.

Marvel Legends Angela figure review -coming forward


Likeness:  Angela is pretty much the Hasbro sculpting team showing off. That’s the best way to sum up this outstanding work. From the sculpted armor, detailed gauntlets, armored leggings, helmet and hair, Angela looks incredible. Hasbro didn’t shortchange any aspect of this overly complex costume. Even the leg straps are sculpted instead of painted on. Nice to see them deliver here. She’s probably not ever going to get a second figure.

The head sculpt continues the new standard of excellent female head sculpts. There’s a nice stern expression that’s fitting for a warrior. I typically don’t like the windswept hair, but that’s fitting for it looks in the comics.

Marvel Legends Angela figure review - chestplate detail

My figure had some slight mold issues around the chest plate. That’s probably not the norm and hopefully it’s something I can sand down.

Marvel Legends Angela figure review -scale with Thor

Scale:  Angela is supposedly Thor’s sister meaning she should be taller than the average character. She’s taller than Star-Lord, but is still looking up at her brother. She’s taller than her fellow Guardians with the exception of Groot.

Marvel Legends Angela figure review -scale with Groot, Star Lord and Drax

Paint:  There’s a lot of detailed paint requirements here and Hasbro did a phenomenal job. For such an involved figure, I’m amazed it came out so clean. From the whitened eyes, the gauntlets and leg straps, everything on the figure turned out well.

Hasbro has been great about using more metallic looking paints for armor pieces and shiny costumes. That really helps make Angela’s armor pop. The only blemish here is the sword hilt isn’t fully covered. Angela’s scarf should be painted, but that’s being nitpicky.

Marvel Legends Angela figure review -advancing for battle

Articulation:  Angela’s warrior look demands top tier articulation. This might be one of the few female figures I didn’t feel like the bicep articulation point omission was a major problem. The hair does impact some movement as you’d imagine.

Marvel Legends Angela figure review -on knee

I had some challenges finding the ideal balancing spot. I suspect some of the trouble comes from the hair making her somewhat top heavy. If you position it right, the skirt can be used to help provide some extra stability for some poses.

Marvel Legends Angela figure review -vs Beast Man

Angela has:

    • neck
    • ball-jointed shoulders
    • elbow
    • wrist
    • wrist hinge
    • torso
    • hip
    • thigh
    • knee (double jointed)
    • ankle

Marvel Legends Angela figure review -holding sword up

Accessories:  Angela is ready for war. She has a sword and two axes. The sword fits snuggly in both hands and the hilt is long enough for her to hold with both hands.

And you can store it in the sheath so Angela can hold all of her weapons.  The axes look a little too plain past the intricate handles, but from what I remember from her comic appearances, they don’t have a ton of detail.

She also comes with the right leg of the Build A Figure Titus.

Marvel Legends Angela figure review -Guardians of the Galaxy

Worth it?  You can get this figure now for $18. That’s a great price for such a high quality figure. And I suspect she’s going to eventually become a highly demanded figure by the end of the year so best get her now.

Rating: 10 out of 10

Angela is getting a lot of well deserved hype. This is a stunning figure. Despite my lack of attachment to the character, I’m glad I took a chance and got her.

Marvel Legends Angela figure review - axes ready

Where to get it?  Target and Toys R Us have been pretty good about stocking the Guardians wave. You can also give Wal-Mart a try. As always you can check Amazon to spare yourself the driving around.