What we know about WWE 2K18 so far

It’s about that time for another installment of 2KSports popular WWE series. WWE 2K18 should prove to be a pretty significant homecoming and a worthwhile one for gamers who don’t pick up every installment. Thanks to some key returnees from the Attitude Era, if nothing else 2K18 will have a stacked legends roster.

We already know one for sure thanks to the truthful announcement on a certain Hall of Famer’s Twitter:

In addition to Angle, there’s no reason to suspect The Hardy Boyz won’t be back as well. While they’re a lock for their modern incarnations, I’m really hoping flashback versions are coming as well.


We do know Seth Rollins will be the cover star for the regular edition. I’m curious if they’ll be a deluxe version like last year’s NXT set, which featured the Finn Balor Demon statue.

Here’s the trailer:

If Angle has one last match in him, it wouldn’t be a stretch to think it’d be against Rollins. Last year, Goldberg was the special bonus and featured character and he tangled with Brock Lesnar. Maybe the WWE is intrigued at the possibilities of this match-up?

Expect to hear a lot more news shortly. As always, I’m most interested in the story mode and what Legends will be incorporated into this year’s edition.

Photo Credit: 2KSports