DC Comics reviews 7/5/17

Deathstroke #21

Deathstroke #21 cover

Slade Wilson is ready to turn over a new leaf, but he doesn’t want to do it alone. That path led him down a dark, lonely road that put him on the outs with his family and only friend. This time, he’s doing it as part of a team.

Most of the recruits make sense. Power Girl has been a reluctant Deathstroke ally for awhile and his children Ravager and Jericho are logical fits. Kid Flash’s departure from the Teen Titans to Defiance still feels like it randomly came out of nowhere. At least writer Priest makes Wally sound more like a teen than he did in Teen Titans.  The final member is immediately intriguing to fans of Titans’ lore.


Diogenes Neves is on board now as the new artist. Neves’ line work is clean and the compositions fit smoothly with Priest’s capsule story presentation. Some of the action scenes get a little hard to follow, but there was some good energy and movement in those sequences.

Deathstroke #21 interior art

Defiance’s white and black color scheme makes for some pretty slick outfits. Not even the Ryan Sook cover can do much to redeem Deathstroke’s cape. Hopefully that gets ditched soon.

With Slade’s warped view of being a hero and most of his teammates having some major agendas, Defiance probably won’t be celebrating its first anniversary. And the fact that Slade’s ex-wife, Adeline, is running the show is bound to make things even more complicated.

The fun will truly be in seeing how quickly it all comes undone and if Slade’s good intentions will doom everyone around him as usual.

Rating: 9 out of 10