Toys R Us SDCC exclusive WWE Elite Isaac Yankem figure revealed

There was some speculation/mass panic that we wouldn’t be getting a WWE San Diego Comic Con exclusive figure this year. Thankfully that worry finally got put to rest today with the reveal of a doozy – an Isaac Yankem figure.

Before he was Kane and Fake Diesel, he was Isaac Yankem – the demented dentist looking to extract revenge on Bret Hart for embarrassing his pal Jerry Lawler. People hate on the wacky professional gimmicks of the New Generation superstars, but I loved all the teeth puns Lawler came up with Yankem. And he made for a pretty good opponent for The Hitman.


I love the headsculpt!

WWE Elite-Collection-Flashback-Series-Isaac-YankemHere’s the write-up:

Conventioneers can capture the blowout action of WWE® Superstars with this WWE® Isaac Yankem, DDS™ Elite figure. Featuring one of WWE’s biggest personalities and champions, this bold and colorful figure captures Isaac Yankem’s deranged ‘drilling.’ The figure also includes deluxe articulation, a detailed character expression, authentic ring attire, and comes equipped with a dentist jacket and headgear.

The figure will be available on That’s great news. Toys R Us is pretty good about ensuring their exclusives are well stocked on shelves and the website.

With Owen Hart a no go, we need all the opponents from this era we can get for Bret. I’m hoping Mattel will eventually get us a Hakushi as well.

You can check out the figure now.

Photo Credit: Mattel