Marvel Legends Spider-Man 2099 figure review BAF Sandman

Thanks to Spider-Man: Homecoming, I’ve been on a Spider-Man Marvel Legends kick. The Build-A-Sandman wave has been one of the strongest for me in awhile. But maybe the biggest surprise was how much I liked the new Spider-Man 2099.

I couldn’t tell you anything about this version other than Miguel O’Hara stays attired in cool costumes. That eye-catching design is what piqued my interest beyond the need to complete Sandman. Let’s take a look.

Packaging:  It’s the usual black with Spider-Man red accents. Hasbro could do something different for the sake of mixing things up, but there’s nothing wrong with the presentation.

Marvel Legends Spider-Man 2099 figure review - bio

Spider-Man 2099 shares packaging with Spider-Man UK leading to the very basic bio and one side portrait. I always appreciate the clear presentation of the figure as it’s easy to spot paint issues or tampering with the BAF piece.


Marvel Legends Spider-Man 2099 figure review - side portrait

Likeness:  I can’t be all that discerning here. From all the reference pictures I checked out, Hasbro did an excellent job translating the character to figure form. There’s a ton of unique details like the sculpted arm blades, boot pads and that very cool mask. It just looks really interesting with the eye sections and the lining, which forms this alien looking mouth.

Spider-Man 2099 Marvel Statue

If I’m remembering correctly, the Spider-Man 2099 features a new buck body just like his wave mate Spider-Man UK. It’s slightly thicker from the Pizza Spider-Man buck and would work well for a Reed Richards or updated classic Falcon.

Marvel Legends Spider-Man 2099 figure review - with old Spider-Man 2099

Scale:  Spider-Man 2099 is another regular size guy. He’s scaled a bit taller than Spider-Man, which is good as I always consider him a little shorter than most of his peers.

Marvel Legends Spider-Man 2099 figure review - scale with Shocker, Spider-Man and Venom

Paint:  The paint job is what really puts Spider-Man 2099 to the next level. The white is striking and paired with the metallic red paint, it makes for a stunning and eye catching figure.

This is a complicated design with the smaller panels and the complex logo. I’m really impressed with the paint work here as this is near import level quality.

Articulation:  New buck, same old great Marvel Legends articulation. I had a lot of fun posing him and seeing what all was possible. I didn’t really encounter too many poses that were a problem. As great as Marvel Legends look, it’s putting them in action that makes the Marvel Legends figure the standard bearer on the mass market front.

Marvel Legends Spider-Man 2099 figure review - crouching

Marvel Legends Spider-Man 2099 figure review - kicking Sandman

Spider-Man 2099 has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • waist
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee (double jointed)
  • ankle

Marvel Legends Spider-Man 2099 figure review - vs Venom

Accessories:  It’s not a clean sweep for Spider-Man 2099 though. He gets a solid goose egg on the accessory front. I don’t know what else he could come with however.  I’m more inclined to cut Hasbro a break with the involved paintjob and the more intricate nature of the BAF Sandman.

Spider-Man 2099 comes with the massive right arm of Sandman.

Worth it?  I was able to get Spider-Man 2099 during Target’s fantastic $13 sale. A quality figure for that price is a steal.  I’m fine paying $20 for Marvel Legends just the consistency.

Rating: 10 out of 10

This is another exceptional figure from Hasbro who keeps finding new ways to mine awesome figures from the Spider-Man universe.  The lack of accessories are offset for me with the $13 price.

Marvel Legends Spider-Man 2099 figure review - blades up

Where to get it?  Target and Toys R Us have been the best places to track this wave down. Wal-Marts in my area haven’t been helpful on the Marvel Legends front lately. The less annoying route might be to simply grab him from Amazon or Entertainment Earth.

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