DC Comics reviews for 7/12/17

Wonder Woman #26

Wonder Woman #26 variant cover

Shea Fontana has the unenviable task of filling the gap after Greg Rucka’s acclaimed run and long-term successor James Robinson kicks off his stint. But maybe DC doesn’t need to be too quick to end the Fontana era.

As opening chapters go, this was a confident and assured debut. Fontana had good familiarity with Wonder Woman’s voice and her supporting cast.

The plot was somewhat scattered though. The issue kicked off with Wonder Woman at a refugee camp before debriefing with a general and getting a physical with a suspiciously sick doctor. An interesting interlude explored some of Diana’s childhood and how dolls are viewed in Themyscira. With Diana shut off from the island, I hope Fontana incorporates more flashbacks to further get a sense of Diana’s earlier years.

Wonder Woman #26 interior artMirka Andolfo’s art is a little inconsistent. On some pages, the art veers more to a more anime style with flying sweat and accent emotion marks. Other pages are more traditional, but some nagging issues like swapping the direction of the chest plate eagle is facing turn up. In general, Andolfo features a slighter Wonder Woman, which is a departure from the more powerful version seen in former artist Liam Sharp’s work. Andolfo has a very distinct style and while I’m not a big fan of it for Wonder Woman, it would work well for titles with lighter tones like Batgirl or Supergirl.

Now the big question: should regular readers stick with it or wait until Robinson begins his run? I’d say yes. Fontana shows a lot of promise in her debut and the story has me interested in seeing how it will play out. This might not be the glory days of the title, but I’m still highly invested in Wonder Woman’s adventures.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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