DC Comics reviews for 7/12/17

Titans #13

Titans #13 cover
The quest to retrieve Bumblebee’s memories pits the Titans against a deadly new opponent and learning they’ve got a traitor in their midst.
Tracking the clues down to a HIVE base, the Titans encounter Endgame, a one man army fully capable of taking them down for good. Endgame is a cheap character as he has a counter for every Titan with a limitless supply of super powers. His trolling efforts would be enough to overwhelm the team if The Flash didn’t tap into a new power as well. Clearly it will need further explanation, but for now I’m intrigued. It has the potential to be an interesting wrinkle to the Flash dies a little bit more each time he uses his power subplot. Hopefully this doesn’t become the go to move whenever the Titans face a tough opponent.
I appreciate writer Dan Abnett advancing this traitor in the Titans subplot right away. Given the Teen Titans’ history with traitors — it’d be impossible to top the Judas Contract after all — quickly outing the newest one to the team was a smart move.

Abnett also picks up on some plot threads that have gone unresolved since Titans Hunt with a new subplot involving two main characters from that arc. Titans Hunt was one of the Rebirth preludes and it was good to see those characters hadn’t been forgotten.

Titans #13 interior art
Abnett also advances those developing relationships teased last issue. And already they’re causing some problems in the tight knit unit with the couples losing focus in battle. At some point Nightwing is going to have to get his team in line. I like how Abnett showed the problems with ‘inner-office’ relationships and how it’s not the best idea even with superheroes.
V Ken Marion takes the art chores this issue. Marion has been a regular contributor to Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps. At times the massive cast and big action sequences got the better of him. That’s not the case here. The action scenes are clean and easy to comprehend. Character faces — a frequent weak spot in Marion’s arsenal — were much improved. Maybe the mix of humans, aliens and the less grounded setting weren’t in his wheelhouse. Either way, I’d like to see Marion become a regular contributor here as this title is a good fit for his skill.
I’ve gotten spoiled with the bi-weekly release schedule for other DC titles. Titans continues to be so enjoyable the monthly wait seems way too long especially with this issue’s cliffhanger.
Rating: 9 out of 10
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