WWE Battle Pack 48 revealed

New pics have surfaced from WWE Battle Pack 48. Unless you’re a fan of Zack Ryder and Mojor Rawley there’s absolutely nothing to be hyped about from this wave.
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I had a passing interest in what Mattel was going to do with the Dudes With Attitude set. Shawn Michaels and Diesel rocked a pretty cool blue and black color scheme during their reunited tag team run in late 95. The Battle Pack 48 set is just the two guys tossed together in a set. This is more of a Wrestlemania 11 set with what looks like the Ringside Exclusive HBK head.

WWE Battle Pack 48 Shawn Michaels and Diesel Dudes With AttitudesDiesel’s head is the same disappointing one that came with his Elite figure. If you squint maybe you can make out Kevin Nash somewhere in there, but Mattel really needs a better Diesel head sculpt.

WWE Battle Pack 48 American AlphaAmerican Alpha is also disappointing. The Chad Gable figure might win worst figure of the year honors for Mattel. Instead of making a better head sculpt to replace the Dalton Castle one they’ve been using, Mattel opted to paint over the mustache. It’s not like the mustache vanished either as it’s clearly still on the figure. That’s ridiculously cheap even for the Battle Pack line.

WWE Battle Pack 48 Hype BrosOf the set the clear winner has to be The Hype Bros. Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley both turned out great with bright, colorful attires. If Mattel puts these guys in an Elite set, I’ll definitely pick them up.

Photo Credit: Mattel