Here’s what we learned from behind the scenes Last Jedi footage

While it’s not the second trailer for Star Wars: Episode 8, this behind the scenes Last Jedi video is pretty cool. And insightful if you paid close attention there was a ton of interesting stuff. Who am I kidding? It’s a new Star Wars movie. Of course we all paid insane, obsessive attention to every second. 

Here’s a few tidbits I noticed from the behind the scenes Last Jedi footage:

Kylo vs. The World

Kylo Ren will be battling multiple opponents in a lightsaber battle suggesting a glimpse at how Kylo went all Anakin on Uncle Luke’s Jedi order. But not to be outdone, Rey also has a training session against three guys with staffs. Maybe lightsaber wielding Knights of Rey or more First Order troops with shock sticks?

Finn goes deep cover

Finn and Rose (Kelly-Marie Tran) are undercover as First Order officers. Finn felt like a fresh character who had a fun comedic edge without being a clown. I’m very interested in how his storyline will go in this film and how his pairing with Rose will turn out. Hopefully Chewbacca finds a new partner since his old one got killed off.

Sibling reunion?

We’ll have at least one scene with Luke Skywalker and sister Leia together. Maybe. It was pretty cool just seeing Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher in a parking lot smiling and joking around. I still contend it was a pretty big misstep not having at least one scene in this new trilogy with the Original Trilogy’s Big 3 of Luke, Han and Leia together. One certainty? Even the merest clip of Carrie Fisher is going to leave Star Wars fans emotional.

This won’t be Empire Strikes Back

The cast repeatedly insist Last Jedi is its own film. That’s good as my biggest complaint with The Force Awakens was how much it felt in tone and events to Star Wars: A New Hope

Photo Credit: Walt Disney Pictures