Marvel Legends Green Goblin figure review – BAF Sandman wave

Green Goblin was one of those seemingly untouchable Marvel Legends figures. Although Toy Biz released him back in 2006, he still holds up incredibly well. But as one of Spider-Man’s main arch-enemies, it was just a matter of time before Hasbro tried their crack at it. Is it time to swap out yet another Toy Biz figure? Let’s find out.

Packaging:  No news is … news in this case. The packaging isn’t changing. I do like the accent colors for the various lines. In this case, that’s Spidey red.

Marvel Legends Green Goblin figure review -bio

I also dig the side portraits of the characters that look great lined up together. That’s all I’ve got here this time.

Marvel Legends Green Goblin figure review -wide

Likeness:  If you got the recently released Hobgoblin figure you know what to expect here. The chain mail is sculpted nice despite seeming the worst way to fly. The head is based off a more modern Green Goblin look with helmet flaps blowing like he’s in mid-flight. I think you could cut them closer to the head for a more vintage look.

Marvel Legends Green Goblin figure review -side closeup

This isn’t as good as the classic version on the Toy Biz and it seems a little big on this body. The other mild disappointment is the belt wasn’t glued on well and slides down. Dr. Super Glue ready for a Mr. Goblin? Otherwise, this isn’t an especially exciting figure, but it’s accurate to the costume.

Marvel Legends Green Goblin figure review -with Toy Biz Green Goblin

Scale:  Norman Osborn was portrayed a little taller and buffer in his return to the Marvel Universe. Remember when he was dead for an actual reasonable amount of time? His figure lines up well against Spider-Man as a result.

Marvel Legends Green Goblin figure review -with Hobgoblin

Paint:  Overall, the paint on the Goblin was fine. I’m a big fan of the metallic colors used on the chain mail. The eyes look weird, which I think is due to the iris not being perfectly in center. Green Goblin is crazy but this makes him look goofy.

Articulation:  If you’re looking for a reason to go with the modern version over the Toy Biz figure this is where he’ll win you over. Hasbro has stepped ups its game on the ML articulation front making for a more fluid and functional moving figure.

Marvel Legends Green Goblin figure review -straight ahead

Goblin doesn’t have the best range for a guy with a projectile attack. His arms are a little stiff and the up and down movement of the ball joint shoulder is extremely tight.

Marvel Legends Green Goblin figure review -going crazy

Green Goblin has:

  • neck
  • ball-jointed shoulders
  • bicep
  • elbow
  • wrist
  • wrist hinge
  • torso
  • waist
  • hip
  • thigh
  • knee (double-jointed)
  • ankle

Marvel Legends Green Goblin figure review -aiming pumpkin bomb

Accessories:  Goblin is loaded. While the satchel is such a signature part of his outfit — like Batman’s utility belt — it is removable. This was sized just right so it wouldn’t keep sliding down his shoulders. The Toy Biz one is better though as it had a sculpted pumpkin on the front.

He’s got the pumpkin bomb as Hobgoblin so know we’ve got a nice collection of them. That does make me wish the satchel could open and close so I could store the various pumpkin bombs.

Marvel Legends Green Goblin figure review - pumpkin bomb closeup

Lastly, Green Goblin has his glider. The Toy Biz one has the advantage of being on a stand to simulate flying, but I like the size of this one and it’ll stop Goblin from being a shelf hog.

As usual with a Marvel Legends figure, Goblin comes with a BAF piece or pieces in this case. He gets the two Sandman head. One is a regular mean mug look and the other is a raging sand shifting version of ‘ol Flint.

Marvel Legends Green Goblin figure review -teaming with Hobgoblin vs Spider-Man

Worth it?  That Target $12.99 sale was right on time as this wave just started to hit shelves in my area. You’re not going to hear me complaining about a $13 Marvel Legend in 2017. At $20, he’s still worth the price and I suspect he’s going to be the tricky one to find in this wave.

Rating: 9 out of 10

Marvel Legends Green Goblin figure review - on glider

Where to get it?  Target and Toys R Us have the wave in stock. Wal-Mart seems to be behind with its Marvel Legends at this point. You can always grab him on or the entire wave at Entertainment Earth.